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Monday, November 7, 2011

i love spontaneous date nights. and CL and I are now to the point, where we can afford to start enjoying the city a little more every now and then. he won tickes to the B-52s, and even though i was in a bad mood, we made a night of it! we grabbed some tex mex before the show on 6th then headed to stubbs! 
  a few things i did not know that night that i wish i would have.
#1. ALWAYS check the weather before you attend an event outside. A cold front may blow through and you may freeze in your cute outfit. 
#2. the B-52s have a HUGE gay following. it was pretty rad.
#3. just dance. we are going to make fun of you regardless if you know what you are doing, or if you look like your seizing.
(please excuse my crappy iPhone 3G photos. we forgot the camera in the car and neither of our phones have flashes.)

then on Friday after design excellence, CL headed to dinner at tenOak. we were already in town, so we figured we'd make a night of it! we split a pizza and just enjoyed being out. we were going to head home, but i insisted on checking out hangar lounge before we headed home. hangar has one of the best views (in my opinion) of downtown. the weather was crisp and cool and it was great being out, having a few drinks, and just relaxing.

 yes. we were those people taking pics of each other.

the rest of the weekend we just relaxed and prepped for our engagement photos that were supposed to be sunday afternoon. but alas, the damn weather. it actually RAINED, so we have to reschedule! lame. hopefully the weather will cooperate next weekend!!

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