A Christmas Affair and Baylor Beats OU. What a weekend!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

first off. SIC EM!
now back to your normal broadcast.

this weekend started on wednesday for me. not because i had the days off, but because of all the fun festivities that i got to attend volunteer for! as part of the 2011-12 provisional class of the junior league of austin, we get to volunteer for two shifts at A Christmas Affair. its a huge christmas market that the league puts on every year. one of my shifts was at the preview gala.. and im so glad it was! it was the first time i got to get into market, and it was a black tie affair! it was so pretty to see everyone dressed in their formal attire and tuxs. although i didnt get to dress up, it was fun to see all the other people dressed to the 9s! my second shift was during 'girls night' and it wouldn't have been bad except for 2 reasons. reason #1. i had a traffic shift and it was 30 degrees out. reason #2. my family was in town and all at dinner without me. bummer. the shift was actually a lot of fun and i met some really great girls. i would definitely do that shift again!

friday is when the real fun began! i along with my mom, mmdr, and diane (mmdr's bff) got to attend and shop at A Christmas Affair! we got there around 10:30ish and it was already packed! luckily we had pre-ordered and received our tickets in the mail (the line for tickets was insane!) and walked right in. we shopped and shopped and picked up a few things. i got a pair of cake forks for the wedding.. one says 'i do' and the other one says 'me too'. they are SO cute! we had lunch tickets for the tea room which was really nice to be able to sit and relax and enjoy a nice meal. 
we shopped a little more before calling it a day. we stopped by nic's new house and picked up his laundry (again). we headed over to the four seasons to kill time, look at the venue where we are tying the knot (again) and to grab a glass of wine at trio. every time we go up there i  get more and more excited about the wedding. its going to be perfect!

we had dinner at bess, one of my favorite restaurants in austin. odds are i've taken you there or recommended it if you are in town. so yummy! we got the private nook, which i secretely always wanted to sit in. it was so nice to have a good, relaxing dinner with the fam.
Saturday we didn't have anything to do and just laid low. i hit up hobby lobby to get some christmas ornament crafts for my christmas ornament exchange this year. i love this time of year-- glitter and sparkle and decorations galore!

oh and then this silly news. BAYLOR BEAT OU. um heck yes. it was really one of the best games i've watched. so exciting, so exhilarating, so nerve-wracking. i don't know where this baylor team came from, but it was about time that they are taking down opponents like this. RG3 is the man. by beating #5 OU, not only will BAYLOR move up in the rankings, but the entire BCS system is totally screwed up. SIC EM!!! 

hope you all had a great weekend.. only a few days left until thanksgiving!

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