boo cancer! part 2

Sunday, November 6, 2011

so im a little behind on this too! jennifer has finished round one of chemo. on nov 2nd they did a bone marrow biopsy to test and see if the chemo has been working, and on nov. 3rd, this was posted on her blog!
(snagged this off her fb.. in her new fav shirt!)

"We just found out that Jenn's bone marrow looks "clean" per Dr Miller's analysis and the lab results.  :)

Now while this is positive news, they did see some blasts in the marrow, but they appear to be recovery blasts and not the Leukemic blasts at all.  So at this point, Jenn will be in the hospital for another 2 weeks or so just to ensure that she is strong enough to go home.

There will still be another bone marrow biopsy (Jenn's least favorite and most painful procedure) before she goes home to officially declare this cancer in remission.  Jenn will also need another short round of Chemo once she goes home, but the next round is only 5 days and is always part of the out patient therapy for Leukemia.  We are sooo excited and quite relieved, but we also know that this road is still long and that home therapy will last 5-6 months with weekly check-ups, etc." 
(jenn and her hubs, eric, post shaved head. CL is next!)

what amazing news!! we are SO excited and proud of her for not even giving this disease a chance and fighting if off like a complete badass! we just sent her a little gift to get through the next couple weeks and CL and I know she's going to enjoy it! 

please keep her in your prayers, as there is still a ways to go, but we are totally stoked and know she's going to be officially be in remission in no time! we love you jenn!

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