Tuesday, May 18, 2010

well we made it back from kansas. 12 hours in a car. something i NEVER EVER WANT TO DO AGAIN (be in a car that long). and yes, you saw that correctly. 12 hours. ridiculous. and unless you really don't know where you  are going, disregard the gps. for real. shorter distance is usually code for 45 mph and stoplights through small towns. and let me just tell you i had to hold my *ahem* pee for over 150. not cool. i have never been SO happy to be out of the car.

the rest of the trip was very nice. it was good to get out of town and into some cooler weather! no lie, it was  chilly! i couldn't believe it was the middle of may and i was in jeans, a long sleeve shirt and had a sweater. i guess thats normal for non-texans.. it was bizarre for me!

other than that, nothing super new and exciting is going on... the official wedding countdown has begun! woo hoo!!

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