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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

am i the only one that is bummed/ kinda annoyed that nicole won dancing with the stars last night?? i mean, come on. she's a trained, professional dancer! i know that the dancing she is used to doing with the pussycat dolls is a little different that ballroom dancing, but still. i was really pulling for erin and maks and evan and anna. i mean, derek is the BEST choreographer and he deserved to win, but don't get 'celebrities' that are known dancers! not fair :( such is life. and i can't even talk about kate gosselin's 'comeback'. it was as hard to watch her this time as it was when she was still "dancing". at least she got out there and tried.

i had the privilege of going to the dentist this morning.  yea, already this morning. and its only 8am. my appointment was at 7am. to get a cavity fixed. and to be honest, it wasn't so bad. the shots in my gums however have made half of my face numb and it feels so goofy! luckily my tooth wasn't so bad and it didnt take too long and all my other teeth are perfect! (okay, not perfect, but i have a clean bill of teeth health!) woo!

i can't believe it's wednesday already.. the wedding is SO close! i am SOOO excited. not only for my cousin michele and her fiance eric, but because i get to see my whole family! the florida bunch and everything! it has seriously been too long since we have all been together-- i am really looking forward to seeing everyone on friday.

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