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Thursday, May 27, 2010

so today, i finally got a reals girls day out. well, i guess it technically started last night-- sushi and beers with michelle. it was SO good to catch up. and today we went and got spray tanned (versa spa to be exact) and went and sex and the city 2. it was long (like the first one) and super cute. the clothes, "plot" and scenery were over the top, but were you really expecting anything different. it was definitely cute, and definitely a must see for all you SATC fans. 

this go round, the big accessory is obviously carrie's (SJP's) 4-leaf clover necklace. it is HUGE and sparkly. and duh i want one... problem here: the real cost? over 22k. the faux price? $56-$72. patricia field, the stylist and costume designer for the movie and previously the tv show has them on her website. check her site out HERE. she's got a whole sex and the city line plus a ton of other hip stuff. 

speaking of faux and real, i got a super bad A deal on what apparently is the summer's hottest heel... jimmy choo has a pair. christian louboutin has a pair. and I have a pair. go me. and i totally did not pay the designer price. gosh it pays to be a good shopper. 

all the wedding festivities start tomorrow and i cannot wait!!

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