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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So if you live in austin, you know the charlie hodge rock and roll half time show on klbj (93.7). CL introduced me to the show a month or so ago, and once you get over the harsh nature of the show, its freaking hilarious. its basically 'the view' but in austin and in a radio show. if you are a member of s.n.a.t.c.h. or know what an intimidatasaraus rex is, you know the show. ANYWAYS, one of the topics today was if a beer bottle will knock you out or not. and guess who had a story? ME! (Story: in waco, at on the border mexican restaurant i saw a bar fight between two biker chicks. one lady slugged the other lady with a fishbowl margarita glass (im talking georges big O style) and the lady took it like a champ. glass didnt' break and she didn't go down. then the lady that slugged the now bleeding lady took off and the police showed up. it was intense.) so i was like i HAVE to call in and tell them this story. to make a long story short, go HERE to the Charlie Hodge Page and on the right is a list of shows... 05-12-2010 part 3 DUI vs DWI, and getting knocked out with a beer bottle...around the 30 min mark (if you let it load all the way, you can move the marker to the 30 min mark!) . enjoy and please excuse my child-sounding voice! oooh a lady!! (photo via google images)

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  1. Hey you did great!! I remember you called to tell me that story after it happened!!


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