things that really irk me.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

instead of doing a 'things i love' today, im going to let everyone in on what really gets my blood boiling.

1. NOTHING traffic. you know, that traffic that you get stuck in and once you get past it there is and was NOTHING but dumb drivers that caused the back up? i really hate that.

2. speaking of drivers, i really hate people who speed up when you try and pass them. its like, im not bashing your masculinity or being rude, but your driving 30 mph in a 70 mph and i'd like to make it to my destination before i die. thanks.

3. people with a false sense of entitlement. posers. impostors. its not my fault that i actually know a lot about certain things and you dont. just because you sit on a computer and google stuff and post it doesn't mean your the expert on the subject. there are title acts that prove your an idiot.

4. people complain about the weather in the summer. its summer. it's supposed to be scorching hot. it's texas. it's going to be unbearable. get used to it or i'll help you pack.

5. waiting at restaurants when there are clearly open tables. i know your understaffed, but im not waiting 2 hours when there is an entire section clearly open, ahem iron cactus on 6th street.

6. when calls get dropped. im on the phone right now and its already dropped my call 2x. grrrr.

7.  when people talk in the movie theater then when you 'shhh' them, they snap at you. excuse me but if you need to be on your cell phone maybe you shouldn't be here. and while your at it, stop kicking the back of my chair.


  1. haha love this post! Agree with all!

  2. I HATE the movie theater one!! and worse than that is people who bring babies in a movie on an OPENING NIGHT of a huge movie. Are you serious???? WTF!


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