Friday, May 7, 2010

i've been tagged by the future mrs. brandon whitacre (or brittany as you probably know her) over at Daily Musings of a Small Towner turned Dallasite, so now its my turn~enjoy!

1. who is your style icon?
easy. gwen stefani. she embraces everything i want to be. stylish. outrageous. elegant. rock and roll. gorgeous. daring. you cannot deny she isn't one of our generations most fabulous celebrities. she's the original orange county housewife and she makes platinum blonde and red lipstick look gooooood. she rocks every red carpet she's been on and even when she's 9 months preganant she makes lounge wear cute. and hell. she wore a wedding gown that was bleeding pink. i absolutely adore her and have tried to copy many of her iconic looks...even the pink hair. no lie.

2. what is your favorite socialite literature? 
(okay im not a socialite, i prefer suburbutante... )

kelly cutrone's 'if you have to cry go outside and other things your mother never told you'
DO IT. its all about taking control of your destiny and how to not so gracefully climb to the top. shes brilliant.

and let's not forget a little book called "the sweet potato queen's field guide to men" by jill conner browne. it may be a parody on southern charm and how to lure men, but its true, hilarious, and informational none the less.

3. whats your favorite party theme?
i dont know if its a theme, but there must always be a margarita machine present. always. i concider myself southern, but im from texas. you wont find ladies meeting up for mint juleps here. 
i have always enjoyed a good luau. i guess that is partially fitting with the margaritas!

4.  what is your go-to halloween costume?
well 80s glam chic always is good
(yes, that is me. in high school. and yes. i won the costume contest. go me)

and Dr. Pepper (get it i was a doctor with light up peppers?) was my go-to this year because my costume was super short and had to be returned :( but in the long run it was the best costume because it was comfy and i did not have to run around in heels all night!

5. what is an extravagance you cannot live without?
oh gosh. i would say air conditioning. you dont know how big of an extravagance it is until you don't have it. in your car. in the summer. in texas.
i cant think of anything else that is extravagant.. i dont wear fancy makeup (FLIRT! Cosmetics at Kohl's and Kat Von D makeup at Sephora are AWESOME and affordable.) i dont buy clothes at fancy stores, and i drive a "truck" (its a tahoe). 

i guess i couldn't live without my jewelry? i do have a pretty mean collection of watches, bracelets, rings, necklaces and all things pretty and sparkly.
psh. did you really think i would show you my real goods?? haha

6.  who is a living person you admire?
all the women in my family. my mom, my aunts, my grandmother. they are all most beautiful, smart, loving people on this earth. and i admire them for all they have done not only for me, but for those around them. i am truly blessed to have such a wonderful family.

7. what is your greatest fear?
missing out on life. i fear that all the hurt and sickness that runs the earth will keep me from living my life to the fullest. im 110% healthy thank God, but you never know anymore. im afraid of dying alone. im afraid of not crossing every adventure off my list. i want to experience and live it all.

8. a trait you deplore in yourself.
my short temper and how quickly my frustration level rises. anyone who knows me knows that i can go from 0-60 in seconds. especially if it has to do with dog hair on my clean couch. or canceling at the last minute. or getting picked on. or constant nagging. i get it already, not let me deal in my own way. i'll get back to you when im done. people think it's "pouting" but im not pouting, im meditating. im taking a deep breath and when i count to 10, im fine. really, it works. 

9. what talent would you most like to have?
i really wish i could play the piano. like billy joel style. i want to be the piano woman. i took lessons as a kid and loathed practicing, but i really wish i would have kept up with it. and along with that, i wish i could sing. just a little. i cannot carry a tune in a bucket! ask CL he will let you know how bad it is! haha
(at the Billy Joel & Elton John Concert-Altanta-March 2009)

10.  whats your greatest achievement?
im a college grad. that shiz wasn't easy.
i have a pet that i haven't killed, lost, etc. for over a year. im a serial plant killer, so this is quite impressive.
i've learned to forgive. i'll never forget, but i will let both of us get on with our lives.

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  1. Angelica! I hate these chain letter post thingies!! I'll oblige, however.... :)

  2. Loved your basset pic!! I used it on my page too!! AC is a must!!


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