teddy olah.

Monday, May 24, 2010

teddy is my cousin's dog. (more specifiacally my uncle garry, aunt kari, and cousins veronica, claudia and dominic). he is the sweetest yorkie, ever. and he's not doing well. he's been in and out of vets and emergency vets all day. he's got a twisted stomach and is throwing up and apparently has congestive heart failure. for anyone who has a dog, this is absolutely devastating. my cousin veronica has been taking him to the vet all day (claud is at orientation) and is emotionally drained. poor little guy has had needles and tests and x-rays all day. last we heard he wasn't doing well and they don't know if he's going to make it through the night. i know my family doesn't want him to go through intensive surgery just to not make it and they do not want him in pain. its such a hard place to be. please keep teddy and my fam in your prayers.

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  1. OMG this breaks my heart! Poor little teddy. My prayers are with your aunt!


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