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Sunday, May 2, 2010

sorry for the lack of posts lately. after last weeks intense events, i've been laying low. that and im in houston for a 2nd time in a month for another bridal shower and i've been busy busy busy!! its nice to be back in houston and to see my family, but i do miss austin and CL.

nic is on his 3rd rabies shot and is healing up quite nicely. he's going to have some gnarly scars on his leg, but scars are simply stories, and a story he has! CL has accepted the fact that his truck is basically the equivalent to a 'gem' to the car thieves in Austin and has decided to start looking at trading or selling his truck for something less thieve-worthy. i can't say just yet what he's decided on, but when he gets it, i will definitely let you all know!

may is going to be a CRAZY month for me and CL. this weekend im in houston for michele's second bridal shower- it was SO fun! and today i have my second fitting for my bridesmaid dress. here's to hoping that there isn't a problem with it! Next weekend is mothers day (yay!) and my mom is going to come to austin (well my brother and i think she is.. are you mom?) to hang out and celebrate. the weekend after that CL and his family and I are headed to kansas for his cousin's graduation from KU.. my 2nd kansas trip since January! the following weekend is the bachelor/bachelorette parties. i know i'll be attending, but CL's new work schedule is kinda screwy so he's not sure if he's going 110% yet. I cannot wait for the day he works M-F and has both weekend days off so we can have a 'normal' life. some weeks we only see each other at the gym! especially if i'm in houston! the last weekend in may is the wedding!! yay!! I am SO excited. and it's not even my wedding!

it is humid as ever in houston and i have not done my hair since thursday.. i mean, its been washed and dried and thats about it. i am SO spoiled to not have this humidity in austin! and now im off to get ready for my fitting. hope everyone had/is having a great weekend! (personal photos and photo by weheartit)

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