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Monday, April 26, 2010

**there are gory photos at the end of this post!!**

so as if the truck stolen fiasco wasn't enough for the week, i have something else for you. on sunday my brother nic (NB) was attacked by a stray dog. CL and I got a call around 7 from my mom letting us know that he was bit pretty bad and was on the way to the emergency room. FOR REAL.

 we were on our way out to go car window shopping and said we'd touch base and go see him. i texted him to see how he was going and the summary of the conversation was "it's really bad, you'd probably throw up if you saw it". great. we met him up at the TexasMed Clinic (this place was clean, new, and saw him immediately) and i went in the back to meet him.

he had already been stitched up.. 11 stitches! 3 separate wounds! pain med shots! and yes, he started his rabies vaccs! at least he was in good spirits! i got more info once i got to talk to him in the room... he was at a park with about 30 people playing with his dog, rocket, and a NO COLLARED pit bull/boxer mix came up and started sniffing rocket. then the dog mounted rocket (dude on dude dog action=not rockets cup of tea) so rocket showed his fangs, then they started to fight. nic panicked and grabbed rocket by the neck and as soon as he did that the stray went straight for NB. apparently his "friends" didn't react like he did. he got out of there asap and went home and washed his leg off and realized how bad it was.

after everything was said and done, he had to find someone to drive him to the emergency room. for real!? they had "other things" to do. what kind of friends are they?! luckily he had found some other guys to drive him and wait with him up there, thanks boys!! i have NO idea what happened to the dog that attacked him, but i hope he is found and dealt with appropriately. NB was the 4th dog attack victim of the day, and there was a 5th in the waiting room when we left.

and now the moral of the story. be responsible pet owners. make sure your pets have collars with tags. make sure your pets are up-to-date on their vaccinations. don't let this happen again, because next time it could be a small child, or if could be you.

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  1. Ohhh that's a nice gash at the bottom of his leg!! Wow! That dog did a number on him! Surprisingly we don't see too many dog attacks at my ER!


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