the year that was 2011.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

as this year draws to a close, i want to reflect back on the year that was 2011. a lot of people are happy to see the new year arrive, but the more i look back on 2011, it really wasn't so bad. i have a lot to look forward to in 2012, but for now, lets look back on 2011. the good. the bad. and the unexpected.

hang on, this is a long one! in no particular order...

it snowed! in austin, twice!

i threw my oldest friend a bridal shower, enjoyed her bachelorette party and watched her marry her best friend.

we got engaged. in the other best city in the US, and my bff was there to witness it.
CL's and my family and friends came to austin to visit. from all over..houston, california, florida, kansas, nevada.

my bff had heart surgery. 
CL's cousin jennifer was diagnosed with lukemia. she's already beaten it.
we sold one of our cars to save money. hello carpool.

we went to shows. railroad revival. and ACL taping. SXSW. blues on the green. and um the B-52s?
we celebrated the holidays. with style, of course.

we endured one of the hottest, dryest summers to date. with trips to the river of course.

we celebrated birthdays. old ones (us) and new ones with the birth of our niece, gwen.

i assisted and helped style my first photo shoot. it ended up being the cover and a feature. i was also featured in Austin Home spring, fall, winter.


i DO NOT know why it keeps uploading this sideways. grrr.

CL and I participated in BvB benefitting the alzheimers association. i broke my finger. it wasn't pretty.

i had the opportunity to volunteer with Extreme Makeover Home Edition. thats something I'll never forget.
we witnessed two baptisms, and a wedding (or two.)

cl had his 10 year HS reunion.

baylor won 10 games, a heisman, and a bowl game. sic em!

we had a beautiful engagement party thrown for us. we are really blessed.

we hope you had a great 2011 and wish you a happy, healthy (safe) New Years eve and New year!

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