GoPro Sonoma Grand Prix 2013

Monday, September 16, 2013

A few weekends ago, we headed up north to Sonoma for the GoPro Sonoma Grand Prix. No lie, I was totally excited about going to an Indy car race. I had never been, and its way classier than Nascar, so I was totally in. 
Colby's company, Barracuda Networks sponsors two cars (Indy and GTs), so, you bet your ass they had a huge party at the race. Barracuda parties are the best. The Cuda Lounge is always off the chain.. open bar, yummy food, AC, fancy port-a-potties, and shade. I mean, I didnt get to partake in the open bar being almost 4 months prego, but you know, everyone else did. haha.
We had a sick view of the track from the Cuda lounge, so there was no need to leave the whole time we were there.
The first race was the Pirelli World Challenge GTs Race. Barracuda recently sponsored Brandon Davis, and lo and behold, he took 1st place! It was really exciting! I mean, in an Aston Martin, its hard not to get excited about winning a race!
The main even started a couple hours later. It was cool to see drivers like Dario Franchitti and Helio Castroneves race live. The cars really fly past you.
The Barracuda car #98 didn't win, but after a small mishap, our driver was able to get back into the thick of the race and finish 2 spots higher than where he started. 
We had a great time and i'll definitely be looking to go back next year!
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...and BABY makes 3!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Surprise! That's right, Colby and I are anxiously awaiting our first baby!
On June 6th, we took an at home test and it immediately came up positive, and I of course freaked out (we weren't trying, but we weren't preventing). After trying to tell Colby for about 5 full minutes, we celebrated in the kitchen before facetiming my mom to tell her the news! 
Us after finding out the good news! Look how big CL's smile is!
Im pretty sure she was in absolute shock! We called my Dad and CL's parents before deciding it was a good idea to keep it quiet for a while.
We ended up telling my grandparents via facetime that next weekend over Father's Day. We were like "How do you feel about being great-grandparents?!" and my granddaddy replied "why is Molly pregnant?! haha!! He's so funny! They are SO excited!
I went to the Dr on June 20th and was confirmed pregnant! It was still so hard to believe, partially because i had ZERO symptoms and NO morning sickness.. i know, pretty lucky! I was just tired, all the time.
Colby came with me to my first OB appt on July 25th. It was the first time we would be able to hear the heartbeat and get to see the little seahorse and he wasn't about to miss this milestone! (yes, thats what we are calling the baby, for now!) We are at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital and OB Clinic at Stanford University and couldn't be happier. We are so lucky to have this amazing facility so close. I mean it's one of the best children's hospitals in the US, its not Texas Children's but you know.
I have never seen CL so happy then when he got to see our baby for the first time. He even got to take it's first picture! Our PA let him click the button on the sonogram machine!
It was so hard not saying anything to anyone. I celebrated my 28th birthday, Colby's 30th in Vegas and countless dinners and happy hours without drinking, and really it wasn't that hard to not tell anyone, but it was getting harder by the day! (the vegas crew knew, obviously!)
Carmen got engaged and I found out I was pregnant within a few days! She knew as soon as I declined 2 glasses of delicious red wine!
So far, i really can't complain about being pregnant. I only had a handful, maybe 10ish days where the morning sickness was awful. and Im not sure why they call it morning sickness. My chosen time to throw up was around 8pm. haha.  
Shopping for baby stuff is fun, exhausting and super confusing!
 Dressing for pregnancy has been super easy. I don't know why people complain so much. I mean, with a little inguinity and being internet shopping saavy, its not so bad! and pregnancy jeans= SO comfy!
We are due on February 13, 2014 and are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our newest family member!
at 15 weeks! today im officially 17 weeks, so be on the lookout for a more updated shot!
Here are a few outtakes from our announcement shoot!
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Colby's 30th! Vegas, Baby!

Monday, September 9, 2013

For Colby's 30th birthday we headed east to Vegas for a long weekend with some great friends!
Since we were traveling on Colby's actual birthday, we celebrated at home the night before with balloons, gifts and cake! We love birthdays around here, and since it was a big birthday, we went a little over the top! But if you can't celebrate big birthdays, what can you celebrate? It was a very apple birthday for CL.. an iPad mini from me and Apple TV from my mom.  (he got a gift from his parents, but it didnt arrive for 2 weeks after his birthday, and an ecard that went to spam. he didnt find it for a while.when in doubt, send a real card.)
Colby and I left bright and early on Friday so we could have some extra time to relax before everyone arrived. We unpacked at the Palms Place and headed to Caesar's for Lunch. We settled on Gordon Ramsey's Pub & Grill for lunch and it was meh. Not the best meal nor the worst. We wandered around the shops for a while before heading back for a nap. and some gambling. 
We met up with Jared at the hotel and Joe and his girlfriend Jackie came and picked us up for dinner at Paymons- one of CLs favorites!
After dinner, we met back at the hotel to get Carmen, then we all headed to Fremont Street for some cheap tables. I have never in my life sat at a table and gambled, partially because I dont know how to play any games nor do I like losing money, but i participated this time and it was actually pretty fun! we spent the evening at Binion's then headed home for the evening.
Saturday we had a cabana at the pool, so no surprise that we spent the entire day out there. It wasn't as hot as i expected, so it was actually pretty pleasant. The shade, and mango coladas didn't hurt either. it was a really fun afternoon just spending time with everyone!
that night we had dinner reservations at STK Las Vegas in the Cosmopolitan. It was super crowded but we got our table within a few minutes.. right next to Kendra Wilkinson of Playboy/Girls next door fame. The guys (and girls) obviously loved it. 
Dinner was super yummy and Colby got to blow out some more candles. It was really the highlight of the weekend!
After dinner, we headed to the Chandelier Bar in the Cosmopolitan. It was so pretty and sparkly, it was hard not to stay away.  or in Jared's case, it was hard not to hug the sparkles! :)

Sunday we all slept in (obviously) and headed out for a late lunch. We ended up at the Venetian after walking the strip. We knew we had to get Carmen and Jared back to the hotel by a certain time to get them to the airport on time, so we ate, wandered, and stopped to play a few more hands of blackjack. 
we headed back to the hotel and said our goodbyes, then headed to our room to relax before getting ready for the evening. it was raining (i know, in the desert) so it was a low key evening. We decided on seeing Zarkana at Aria, so we headed that way for dinner before the show- but not before playing a few more casino games...
We ate at this fancy teppan restaurant and it was delish. Just what we needed-- veggies! haha.
Zarkana was really beautiful, like any of the cirque du soleil shows. CL and I both really enjoyed it.
this is what happens when you ask strangers in vegas to take your photo in front of the sign... le sigh.
Monday, CL had two work appointments (yup, always working) so I slept in, and leisurely got dressed and packed before he picked me up for lunch before heading to the airport. I hadn't asked for anything the whole trip, so he let me pick lunch- and of course I said Serendipity! I hadn't been to the Vegas location, only the NYC one, so it was fun to see this one. We shared a huge frozen hot chocolate and headed to the airport!
we came home to a birthday card from his grandmother and a surprise box from our awesome friends the Jones'! CL was absolutely THRILLED to see some Austin Beerworks beer and a shirt from his favorite BBQ restaurant- Stiles Switch. Thanks guys!!
CL had a great weekend and we are really blessed with awesome friends that came out to celebrate with us and who called and sent gifts! 
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