faux real.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

so today, i finally got a reals girls day out. well, i guess it technically started last night-- sushi and beers with michelle. it was SO good to catch up. and today we went and got spray tanned (versa spa to be exact) and went and sex and the city 2. it was long (like the first one) and super cute. the clothes, "plot" and scenery were over the top, but were you really expecting anything different. it was definitely cute, and definitely a must see for all you SATC fans. 

this go round, the big accessory is obviously carrie's (SJP's) 4-leaf clover necklace. it is HUGE and sparkly. and duh i want one... problem here: the real cost? over 22k. the faux price? $56-$72. patricia field, the stylist and costume designer for the movie and previously the tv show has them on her website. check her site out HERE. she's got a whole sex and the city line plus a ton of other hip stuff. 

speaking of faux and real, i got a super bad A deal on what apparently is the summer's hottest heel... jimmy choo has a pair. christian louboutin has a pair. and I have a pair. go me. and i totally did not pay the designer price. gosh it pays to be a good shopper. 

all the wedding festivities start tomorrow and i cannot wait!!

let's all act surprised.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

am i the only one that is bummed/ kinda annoyed that nicole won dancing with the stars last night?? i mean, come on. she's a trained, professional dancer! i know that the dancing she is used to doing with the pussycat dolls is a little different that ballroom dancing, but still. i was really pulling for erin and maks and evan and anna. i mean, derek is the BEST choreographer and he deserved to win, but don't get 'celebrities' that are known dancers! not fair :( such is life. and i can't even talk about kate gosselin's 'comeback'. it was as hard to watch her this time as it was when she was still "dancing". at least she got out there and tried.

i had the privilege of going to the dentist this morning.  yea, already this morning. and its only 8am. my appointment was at 7am. to get a cavity fixed. and to be honest, it wasn't so bad. the shots in my gums however have made half of my face numb and it feels so goofy! luckily my tooth wasn't so bad and it didnt take too long and all my other teeth are perfect! (okay, not perfect, but i have a clean bill of teeth health!) woo!

i can't believe it's wednesday already.. the wedding is SO close! i am SOOO excited. not only for my cousin michele and her fiance eric, but because i get to see my whole family! the florida bunch and everything! it has seriously been too long since we have all been together-- i am really looking forward to seeing everyone on friday.

teddy olah.

Monday, May 24, 2010

teddy is my cousin's dog. (more specifiacally my uncle garry, aunt kari, and cousins veronica, claudia and dominic). he is the sweetest yorkie, ever. and he's not doing well. he's been in and out of vets and emergency vets all day. he's got a twisted stomach and is throwing up and apparently has congestive heart failure. for anyone who has a dog, this is absolutely devastating. my cousin veronica has been taking him to the vet all day (claud is at orientation) and is emotionally drained. poor little guy has had needles and tests and x-rays all day. last we heard he wasn't doing well and they don't know if he's going to make it through the night. i know my family doesn't want him to go through intensive surgery just to not make it and they do not want him in pain. its such a hard place to be. please keep teddy and my fam in your prayers.

is that what i think it is?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

last night marked the official one week countdown til my cousin's wedding next weekend. i had the honor of planning her bachelorette dinner. yes, dinner. nothing raunchy or inappropriate, but good company, mexican food and yummy margaritas. we are so excited for the upcoming nuptials, and cannot wait until friday! (and saturday of course!!)

things that really irk me.

instead of doing a 'things i love' today, im going to let everyone in on what really gets my blood boiling.

1. NOTHING traffic. you know, that traffic that you get stuck in and once you get past it there is and was NOTHING but dumb drivers that caused the back up? i really hate that.

2. speaking of drivers, i really hate people who speed up when you try and pass them. its like, im not bashing your masculinity or being rude, but your driving 30 mph in a 70 mph and i'd like to make it to my destination before i die. thanks.

3. people with a false sense of entitlement. posers. impostors. its not my fault that i actually know a lot about certain things and you dont. just because you sit on a computer and google stuff and post it doesn't mean your the expert on the subject. there are title acts that prove your an idiot.

4. people complain about the weather in the summer. its summer. it's supposed to be scorching hot. it's texas. it's going to be unbearable. get used to it or i'll help you pack.

5. waiting at restaurants when there are clearly open tables. i know your understaffed, but im not waiting 2 hours when there is an entire section clearly open, ahem iron cactus on 6th street.

6. when calls get dropped. im on the phone right now and its already dropped my call 2x. grrrr.

7.  when people talk in the movie theater then when you 'shhh' them, they snap at you. excuse me but if you need to be on your cell phone maybe you shouldn't be here. and while your at it, stop kicking the back of my chair.

true dat.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

(image via google images/interior design magazine)

Interior design is the art and science of understanding people's behavior to create functional spaces within a building. Decoration is the furnishing or adorning of a space with fashionable or beautiful things. In short, interior designers may decorate, but decorators do not design.

suck it imitators.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

well we made it back from kansas. 12 hours in a car. something i NEVER EVER WANT TO DO AGAIN (be in a car that long). and yes, you saw that correctly. 12 hours. ridiculous. and unless you really don't know where you  are going, disregard the gps. for real. shorter distance is usually code for 45 mph and stoplights through small towns. and let me just tell you i had to hold my *ahem* pee for over 150. not cool. i have never been SO happy to be out of the car.

the rest of the trip was very nice. it was good to get out of town and into some cooler weather! no lie, it was  chilly! i couldn't believe it was the middle of may and i was in jeans, a long sleeve shirt and had a sweater. i guess thats normal for non-texans.. it was bizarre for me!

other than that, nothing super new and exciting is going on... the official wedding countdown has begun! woo hoo!!

that time of year.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

its graduation time!! i cant believe on may 15th that not only has it been a year since i graduated from baylor, but this year my sweet cousin claudia is graduating high school! omg. that makes me OLD. she's going to be attending florida state university and we are SO excited and proud! (and zeta ladies, shes going through rush!) 

congratulations are also in order to:
  abbey who will attending texas a&m, 

and to my littles susie and stephanie who are graduating from baylor and moving to thailand to teach for a year!

 CL's cousin tucker is also graduating from kansas this weekend! 
(this is the pic CL chose to share with all of you.. haha)
and hunter just graduated from baylor law! 

let the celebrating begin!

radio diva. sorta.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So if you live in austin, you know the charlie hodge rock and roll half time show on klbj (93.7). CL introduced me to the show a month or so ago, and once you get over the harsh nature of the show, its freaking hilarious. its basically 'the view' but in austin and in a radio show. if you are a member of s.n.a.t.c.h. or know what an intimidatasaraus rex is, you know the show. ANYWAYS, one of the topics today was if a beer bottle will knock you out or not. and guess who had a story? ME! (Story: in waco, at on the border mexican restaurant i saw a bar fight between two biker chicks. one lady slugged the other lady with a fishbowl margarita glass (im talking georges big O style) and the lady took it like a champ. glass didnt' break and she didn't go down. then the lady that slugged the now bleeding lady took off and the police showed up. it was intense.) so i was like i HAVE to call in and tell them this story. to make a long story short, go HERE to the Charlie Hodge Page and on the right is a list of shows... 05-12-2010 part 3 DUI vs DWI, and getting knocked out with a beer bottle...around the 30 min mark (if you let it load all the way, you can move the marker to the 30 min mark!) . enjoy and please excuse my child-sounding voice! oooh a lady!! (photo via google images)

happy mothers day!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

happy mothers day to all the moms out there! just wanted to let you know that you are all appreciated and loved!! especially to my mom-- thanks for everything you do for me and nic! we love you!! xoxo


Friday, May 7, 2010

i've been tagged by the future mrs. brandon whitacre (or brittany as you probably know her) over at Daily Musings of a Small Towner turned Dallasite, so now its my turn~enjoy!

1. who is your style icon?
easy. gwen stefani. she embraces everything i want to be. stylish. outrageous. elegant. rock and roll. gorgeous. daring. you cannot deny she isn't one of our generations most fabulous celebrities. she's the original orange county housewife and she makes platinum blonde and red lipstick look gooooood. she rocks every red carpet she's been on and even when she's 9 months preganant she makes lounge wear cute. and hell. she wore a wedding gown that was bleeding pink. i absolutely adore her and have tried to copy many of her iconic looks...even the pink hair. no lie.

2. what is your favorite socialite literature? 
(okay im not a socialite, i prefer suburbutante... )

kelly cutrone's 'if you have to cry go outside and other things your mother never told you'
DO IT. its all about taking control of your destiny and how to not so gracefully climb to the top. shes brilliant.

and let's not forget a little book called "the sweet potato queen's field guide to men" by jill conner browne. it may be a parody on southern charm and how to lure men, but its true, hilarious, and informational none the less.

3. whats your favorite party theme?
i dont know if its a theme, but there must always be a margarita machine present. always. i concider myself southern, but im from texas. you wont find ladies meeting up for mint juleps here. 
i have always enjoyed a good luau. i guess that is partially fitting with the margaritas!

4.  what is your go-to halloween costume?
well 80s glam chic always is good
(yes, that is me. in high school. and yes. i won the costume contest. go me)

and Dr. Pepper (get it i was a doctor with light up peppers?) was my go-to this year because my costume was super short and had to be returned :( but in the long run it was the best costume because it was comfy and i did not have to run around in heels all night!

5. what is an extravagance you cannot live without?
oh gosh. i would say air conditioning. you dont know how big of an extravagance it is until you don't have it. in your car. in the summer. in texas.
i cant think of anything else that is extravagant.. i dont wear fancy makeup (FLIRT! Cosmetics at Kohl's and Kat Von D makeup at Sephora are AWESOME and affordable.) i dont buy clothes at fancy stores, and i drive a "truck" (its a tahoe). 

i guess i couldn't live without my jewelry? i do have a pretty mean collection of watches, bracelets, rings, necklaces and all things pretty and sparkly.
psh. did you really think i would show you my real goods?? haha

6.  who is a living person you admire?
all the women in my family. my mom, my aunts, my grandmother. they are all most beautiful, smart, loving people on this earth. and i admire them for all they have done not only for me, but for those around them. i am truly blessed to have such a wonderful family.

7. what is your greatest fear?
missing out on life. i fear that all the hurt and sickness that runs the earth will keep me from living my life to the fullest. im 110% healthy thank God, but you never know anymore. im afraid of dying alone. im afraid of not crossing every adventure off my list. i want to experience and live it all.

8. a trait you deplore in yourself.
my short temper and how quickly my frustration level rises. anyone who knows me knows that i can go from 0-60 in seconds. especially if it has to do with dog hair on my clean couch. or canceling at the last minute. or getting picked on. or constant nagging. i get it already, not let me deal in my own way. i'll get back to you when im done. people think it's "pouting" but im not pouting, im meditating. im taking a deep breath and when i count to 10, im fine. really, it works. 

9. what talent would you most like to have?
i really wish i could play the piano. like billy joel style. i want to be the piano woman. i took lessons as a kid and loathed practicing, but i really wish i would have kept up with it. and along with that, i wish i could sing. just a little. i cannot carry a tune in a bucket! ask CL he will let you know how bad it is! haha
(at the Billy Joel & Elton John Concert-Altanta-March 2009)

10.  whats your greatest achievement?
im a college grad. that shiz wasn't easy.
i have a pet that i haven't killed, lost, etc. for over a year. im a serial plant killer, so this is quite impressive.
i've learned to forgive. i'll never forget, but i will let both of us get on with our lives.

im going to tag:

Answer these questions, post a link back to who tagged you, and links to those who you are going to tag!!

a.brem summer 2010. coming to a blog near you.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

i wish life imitated this photo. it makes me sing taylor swift's "today was a fairytale". it makes be believe in eternal summer love. and fun. it makes me smile on a not so great day. and it makes me proud to know that this isn't some picture i borrowed from google or weheartit. it's my grandparents on their honeymoon. it looks like a j.crew ad and i absolutely adore it. and i know when my momadear sees that i posted this she will smile. and that makes me happy ♥

nothing really life altering has happened in the last few days. CL and I are bracing for the madness that is the month of may. we literally have zero weekends free or alone... and not that that is a bad thing! everything we have planned is going to be SO much fun!

my mom is coming into town this weekend for mothers day! yay! we have a few fun things planned.. you know grocery shopping and laundry and cleaning-- haha! jk! but really we do have a few fun things planned! hope all of you remember your mothers/grandmothers/aunts/mother figures in your lives this weekend!!

oh hey summer.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

so unless you have been living under a rock, the sun is shining, and the heat is upon us and its WONDERFUL! we have been taking advantage of this awesome weather all weekend and this week!

while i was still home on Sunday molly walked in her first 5k- Paws for a Cause!! my mom took her while i was at my dress fitting! we are so proud of her! she was exhausted afterwards, and now is a little apprehensive about getting in the car- she really has NO idea where she could be heading!

when i returned to austin monday afternoon, CL and I headed to lake travis to enjoy the weather and each others company over dinner at the oasis. i forget how beautiful the water is on lake travis. the rolling, green hills, the beautiful mansions, and of course the GORGEOUS sunsets. a-mazing.

today we spent most of our time laying out at the lifetime pool... soaking up some rays and playing in the pool. for most of you who know me, this will blow your mind!! not only was i in a swim suit in public (which i basically refused to do last year) but i wore a bikini! all this working out is seriously paying off!! of course i was lathered in sunscreen and had a hat on ;)

the rest of the week has been designated to getting the house back in order, and studying/applying for more jobs. i have GOT to find something soon!!

since i have 10 spare minutes...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

sorry for the lack of posts lately. after last weeks intense events, i've been laying low. that and im in houston for a 2nd time in a month for another bridal shower and i've been busy busy busy!! its nice to be back in houston and to see my family, but i do miss austin and CL.

nic is on his 3rd rabies shot and is healing up quite nicely. he's going to have some gnarly scars on his leg, but scars are simply stories, and a story he has! CL has accepted the fact that his truck is basically the equivalent to a 'gem' to the car thieves in Austin and has decided to start looking at trading or selling his truck for something less thieve-worthy. i can't say just yet what he's decided on, but when he gets it, i will definitely let you all know!

may is going to be a CRAZY month for me and CL. this weekend im in houston for michele's second bridal shower- it was SO fun! and today i have my second fitting for my bridesmaid dress. here's to hoping that there isn't a problem with it! Next weekend is mothers day (yay!) and my mom is going to come to austin (well my brother and i think she is.. are you mom?) to hang out and celebrate. the weekend after that CL and his family and I are headed to kansas for his cousin's graduation from KU.. my 2nd kansas trip since January! the following weekend is the bachelor/bachelorette parties. i know i'll be attending, but CL's new work schedule is kinda screwy so he's not sure if he's going 110% yet. I cannot wait for the day he works M-F and has both weekend days off so we can have a 'normal' life. some weeks we only see each other at the gym! especially if i'm in houston! the last weekend in may is the wedding!! yay!! I am SO excited. and it's not even my wedding!

it is humid as ever in houston and i have not done my hair since thursday.. i mean, its been washed and dried and thats about it. i am SO spoiled to not have this humidity in austin! and now im off to get ready for my fitting. hope everyone had/is having a great weekend! (personal photos and photo by weheartit)

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