wedding wednesday! Shower #1 & Bachelorette!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

well we are down to the wire with wedding planning, and it has been MONTHS since i've had a wedding wednesday, and since there aren't many left, i figure now is a great time to catch everyone up!

i have had two beautiful showers, and my girls took me out on an spontaneous bachelorette party! 

the first shower was hosted by my lovely MOH, carmen, my soon to be sister in law kirbi, and my M(atron)OH michelle. it was kitchen themed, and oh-so-perfect! the food was delicious, the champagne was yummy, and my cake was divine! i was so happy to see so many supportive and loving people attend. it is a true testament to our love that so many people are here to help us celebrate! we played a 'guess the age' game with pictures of CL and I as kiddos, and a trivia game about CL and I's relationship! i actually got a couple wrong! haha

then later that evening, carmen, michelle & kirbi took me out! it was so much fun. a little st. patricks day, a little bachelorette, a LOT of good times!! we started off at reef for dinner (SO good!), then out for drinks in midtown, then we stayed at the hotel indigo. thanks girls- i really had a great time!! xoxo
(and yes, i think its totally appropriate for these pics to be out of order and blurry. haha)

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