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Saturday, March 31, 2012

hola everyone! sorry i've been posting so few and far between! i've been SO busy finishing up my training at my new job. I really love what im doing and the people i work for are really awesome! (and im not just saying that! everyone is so supportive and helpful! i really an lucky!)

im currently at the showroom for my first saturday. its really not that bad- i have a great view, actually have work to get done and CL brought me whole foods coffee and will be bringing me lunch! 

ooh look thats me working! haha
man, my hair is getting long!

heres a little of what i've been up to lately. i really need to share all the bachelorette and bridal shower excitement, but im still waiting on a few more pictures!
look who has a real job now :)
view from a clients unit at the W Residences. not too shabby, eh?
mango margaritas to celebrate my almost 1 month of working!

CL and i have some fun exciting plans this evening- i can't wait!
happy saturday!


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

unfortunately this year CL and I didn't get a chance to participate like we usually do for SXSW (south by south west for those of you who don't know) SXSW usually falls over spring break and st. patricks day and we usually go 3 or 4 days and have a rip roarin' good time, but this year, with the wedding and such, we just didn't have the energy to go out to a lot of stuff. but we did go to a couple parties (thanks to CLs work connections! thanks barracuda!) 

not a lot to say, but the time we did go out, we had a blast!
best swag bag, ever? i think yes!
til next sx.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

via weheartit

i can't remember the last time i was this happy. now, don't run away because you think this is one of those 'oh shes getting married and everything is so fun and special for her' kind of posts. its not completely like that. 

part of it is. i am EXTREMELY excited about the wedding and getting married. Its been a LONG road- planning, decisions, more decisions, and money. i can't believe we are literally two months out today. UNREAL. ahh! im excited to call CL my husband, and start a new life together. we are finally to a point where all the hard work, and hard times have paid off and we are enjoying every single second of it.

part of it is how elated i am that i am working again. full time, every day, working. and i LOVE every second. i love that i feel like im contributing to the world (and to the bank account) again. im out and about every day- with people- doing things. and when you haven't really been doing that in years, its such a great change! i love the company i am working for and everyone is really great. im glad that i stuck it out and waited for this opportunity. it was more than worth it.

another part of it is thinking about all the crazy decisions i've made in the last few years-- from moving to austin, to moving in with CL, to taking a chance with the magazine. every decision and choice i've made has landed me here and i couldn't be happier. the friends i've made and lost. the pounds i've gained and lost. the opportunities i've had. im happy. content. blissful. 

and i wouldn't change a thing.

its been one week.

Friday, March 9, 2012

one full week of work under my belt!
 i am falling more and more in love with the people i work with and am picking up the training pretty well. i can't wait 'til i get to take my first appointment. i'll finally be out on my own, making it happen! its so exciting!

its been raining (and hailing) like crazy since last night, so we are going to take it easy this weekend. CL and I both have trainings to work on, so i wouldn't be surprised if we didn't leave the house all weekend. i mean, who says you have go leave and put on real clothes on the weekend? 

im finally getting my hair highlighted on sunday (so i guess i will be leaving and wearing something other than pjs!) so that will be nice! i got shellac manicure for the first time and so far im loving it! with how rough i am with my hands (oops) this will maybe help with the constant changing and fixing of the nail polish!

nothing too exciting going on.. haha

happy friday!

she lives.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

tomorrow marks 1 month since i last posted. i know, how rude.

but alas, i have a few spare minutes before jetting off again, so i am using my time wisely and updating you all on whats been going on!

i don't even know where to start... lets see...
-we got a new car! CL LOVES his new ride. it's pretty legit.  

-we celebrated valentines day.
it was a very pinterest valentines day!

100 calorie strawberry cupcakes? don't mind if i do!

-it snowed?


-we celebrated a birthday!


-I GOT A JOB. yes, a real job! im officially designing for california closets of the texas hill country and i couldn't be more excited! CL was super supportive of my interview process, and he and carmen kept a great secret! they were the only ones who know i was even interviewing! well and my brother, but i told him about it on the way to my last interview. my mom/grandparents/dad were all pleasantly surprised when i shared the news!

he didn't quite get the quote, but it made me feel so special heading into my final interview! thanks babe!

-i got to try on my wedding dress! (psh, like i'd really post a pic of my dress! haha)

-i've been getting to hang out with my friends again. its nice having a little (financial) freedom!

with my little at a texas stars hockey game! so fun!!
Austin ZTA Alum do painting with a twist!

-CL went on and survived his bachelor party. 4 days in vegas with 13+ guys... you can only imagine...

you guys ready to let the dogs out?

-i've lost 20 something lbs. go me!

jeez. is that all? i think so!
i'll be back more regularly now that i have a real schedule and exciting things to share! like bridal showers! ahh! 66 days to go!!

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