fashion police: sag awards 2011

Monday, January 31, 2011

more fashion! yay!

there were definately more hits than misses last night-- im starting to actually get excited about what everyone will wear to the oscars.. the designers/stylists have really been doing their jobs! it's so fun to see how everyone changed it up from the globes too- more color, pattern, and fun!

now on for my favs!

my favorite of the night was definately hailee steinfield in prada. how adorable and age appropriate is she? stunning.

mila kunis. im pretty sure she is every woman's girl crush right now. 

claire danes. this whimsical louis vuitton pattern was gorgeous. something i would definately wear!

heather morris. although i wish she would wear some color, she totally rocks this nude frock.

tina fey. momma looked hot tonight. i love that she didn't wear black, or blue, but totally went for this stunning red oscar de la renta. i don't think you'll be on the worst dressed list this time!

...and now for the misses...

angie harmon. no. no. no. and to think monique luhuillier made this monstrosity.

lea michelle. bor-ing. i just don't like this. maybe i just don't like her? is that possible- i LOVE glee. she's  a little underwhelming? something just isn't right.

winonna ryder. i can' even comment. bad choice. the look in her eyes say it all.

natalie portman. this is her year. shes winning all the awards, found love, is pregnant.. and NO ONE can seem to put her in anything other than a bedsheet. 

what did you think? who was your best and worst dressed?

(all photos via E!Online)

im here.

Friday, January 28, 2011

gosh. i can't believe it's been this long, a week, more than a week?! there has been lots of stuff going on, so im not just avoiding all of you!

aside from being crazy busy at work, which is a GREAT thing, I (with my boss) are helping a client plan a 10th anniversary surprise party for her husband. it's going to be so much fun.. live music, beer, and (hopefully) best wurst! can't wait!
i've also been asked to write a real 600-word article for the summer issue for the magazine! i am SO excited. im not going to go into too much detail, but it involves shopping, and 5th and 6th street (in austin, of course!) i had an article in the winter issue, have something in the spring, and will have something in the summer! thats right, i'll be published 3 issues in a row! woo!

just because....

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

i couldn't help myself. 
(image via tumblr)

Design Trends for 2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

as we enter a new year, there will always be a new set of trends that will become very apparent- in fashion, design- everything! after some research, here are a few trends for 2011!

mirrored accents
Anything from mirrored tables and mirrored accessories such as cocktail trays, martini glasses, and coasters will be a hit this year. You can pick up a mirrored tray from Aero for $90, a set of four Etsy martini glasses for $42, and mirrored coasters at Z Gallerie for $19.80. Inexpensive, and chic!

Modern art is going to be huge this year... and prints like this instantly freshens the look of your home! Check Ikea, Target, and Etsy! Or if your really crafty, create your own work of art!

storage art
i LOVE storage art! What to buy: primarily clear, Lucite storage to show off accessories instead of hiding them away. Vintage desks can be used as vanities to store shoes, clear stands can be used to show off necklaces, and scarf holders,The photo above is from Ikea- it can be hung from the wall to show off colorful accessories. Check the container store too!

mid-centry lighting
Who doesn't love some vintage light? Think "Mad Men"! Mid-century lighting can be added to traditional and contemporary rooms. Again, check Ikea!
The color rust
now, i know you've all read my Color 2011 post, so I know you know the colors for 2011, but rust is a great accent metal color! Use this color as a subtle accent in a headboard, lamp, or even a sideboard! Check West Elm!

(thanks to Nate Berkus for the photos!)

fashion police: globes 2011

everyone knows girls LOVE award season for one reason.. the FASHION! the golden globes were last sunday, and the stars showed up not to disappoint! there were some hits and some misses...
 here are some of my favs!

olivia wilde. this dress is gorg. and kind of reminiscent of my jr. year prom dress. love it.

sofia vergara. always looks fab.

emma stone. less is definitely more.

carrie underwood. need i say more?

claire danes. the pic doesn't do the color of the dress justice. it was PINK. and i loved it.

kevin mchale. i love this. and i love when guys take a fashion risk and it works. well done.

eva longoria. not her biggest fan, but that dress was stunning. did you see the back.. ahhhh.

jennifer lawrence. i have no idea who she is, but i love this look.

mila kunis. L-O-V-E this color, style, everything. 

now for the misses..
i HATED natalie portman's dress. pregnant or not, she looked like she was wearing a DIY valentines day present towel.

julienne moore. this could have been a pretty dress, but that one pouf sleeve? not so much.

justin bieber. sorry but he will NEVER not look like a little lesbian to me.

tilda swinton. i know she's a little different, but this was so ill fitting. 

i love me some lea michelle, but something about this whole look is off. not my fav.

halle berry. i know she's hot, but she looks like a hooker. and not in a good way.

jennifer love hewitt. stop. trying. SO. hard.

i really didn't feel one way or the other about any other celebs! but i must say, a great start to awards season! who were your hits and misses?

(all photos via

carmen's visit!

as it would be, all good things come to an end, and in this case, all trips must end. carmen left yesterday, a little earlier than planned (um thanks united, grrr.) and i (and by 'I', I mean 'we'.. molly, bailey, and CL) already miss her! visits are never long enough, and with the amazing weather we had (jk) we really got a chance to catch up and spend time together! we are already planning our next visit.. and since it's my turn to go to san francisco, we are thinking of going for my birthday! yay!

we ate (way too much) mexican food, drank margaritas, visited the austin museum of art, went bowling, and brunched. by the time the weather was nice enough to walk around outside, our afternoon was cut short when carmen's flight got cancelled. luckily her bf, jared, is an airline pro and was able to get her on another flight, but we had to cut our day short and get her to the airport 'sooner than later'. 

it was such a great weekend, other than the fact that i felt less than stellar.. i blame the weather, the cedar, and whatever bug i've been trying to fend off since last week.
we also celebrated molly (& rocket)'s 2nd birthday! there were lots of cuddles and bacons!

and now, back to the grind!

waiting to exhale.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

i get very anxious about things. apparently it's in my blood. good things, bad things, things that do, and do not matter. on the plus side, when the good things happen, im happy, and overjoyed, and pleasant, and when things so not pull through, im completely deflated. 

(via weheartit)

i know last year i learned a lot about patience, and not thinking about things 24/7, but i guess i haven't learned my lesson. im anxious for friday. i have a VERY special visitor coming. and i know she's coming because i have her flight itinerary, so unless there is some unforeseen problem, she'll be here at 3:45 on friday afternoon. but im still anxious. 

CL and i had some plans that i was very excited about, that (just my luck) haven't 110% gone our way, but as he put it last night, 'don't worry. i want this for you, you deserve it'. so we haven't given up hope just yet. but im holding my breath.  why get worked up over something that has a 50/50 chance working out when you think it won't any time soon. how many countless hours will i spend researching and stressing out over something that i have ZERO control over? when do i get to breathe?

and so i sit here
"Wishin' and Hopin' and thinkin' and prayin' "
-nancy sinatra.

celeb closet raid.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

while getting dressed today, i had one of those 'i hate everything in my closet' moments. and decided when i win my millions, im going to style my closet after these ladies.

not saying i'd like to be them, but i'd totally wear anything out of their closets.

gwen stefani. need i explain?

carrie underwood. 
they always put her in the prettiest, girly dresses.

hilary duff.
she makes casual chic look good.

christina aguilera's shoe closet. whoa dang.

and carrie bradshaw. i know she's a fictional character, but homegirl always had the goods.
(all photos via google images)

who's closet would you raid??

what im listening to today.

i don't know where you are, but its cold out!

im suck indoors (willingly!) and decided instead of working in silence, to listen to a few tunes.. 

plain white t's -'rhythm of love'
they have the sweetest songs. they're romantic, cute, and you can actually understand all the words they are saying. hipsters in love.

pitbull featuring t-pain- 'hey baby (drop it to the floor)
listen to this song and try not to sing (oooh baby, baby, la la la la la la la) alllll day long.

ke$ha- 'we r who we r'
 go ahead, judge me. she may be fashionably (and hygienically) impaired, but don't lie. when your out and have had a drink or two and any of her music comes on, you dance like a 13 year old.

hall and oates- 'kiss on my list'
i blame this on 'she's out of my league'. CL and I watched this the other night (it's SO cute!) and the band covers this.. and i've been singing it ever since

 and for good measure
john mayer- 'half of my heart' 
not this song in particular, i have every album, lp, ep, what have you, he's ever put out. and all the live stuff too. we have quite the history. he just looks so damn sexy in this video. hot damn.


Monday, January 10, 2011

first, i just want to remind you all that every post, photo, thought on this blog is COPYWRITED, and belongs to me. If you want to borrow something, just let me know, and give me credit for it. 

okay, now that the housekeeping is done, moving on.

some things on my mind today:
  • i hate when people meddle in my business. odds are you DO NOT know everything going on, and when you act like you do, it just makes me mad. if i need your help, i'll ask.
  • its cold. i left to run some errands, and did not wear a coat. bad, bad idea.
  • i've got a plan, and im sticking to it. im not going to let anything get me down anymore.
  • my bff from san fran arrives in 4 days. WEEEEE!!! im so excited!
  • bridalplasty may be the worst show on tv.
  • my other bff gets MARRIED in 104 days.. i better get on that maid of honor diet and get those shower plans going!!
thats it for now.. how's your monday going?

hey thanks houston chronicle

Sunday, January 9, 2011

my mom sent me this the other day. looks suspiciously like two posts i wrote last week on both color AND jonathan adler/ceramics! there is even the same 'vintage wine' photo i used in the bottom right corner! tricky!!

at least i can rest easy knowing that i wrote (published) mine first, and that i DO know what im talking about!

color 2011

Thursday, January 6, 2011

i love color. i also love white, so im a walking contradiction, but whatev! each year pantone names the color of the year and i cannot be more excited about their choice! its feminine, masculine, and totally chic. loves it!honeysuckle is gorgeous. its a flattering color to wear (on any skin tone btw), and a fabulous pop of color in your home.

"A Color for All Seasons
Courageous. Confident. Vital. A brave new color, for a brave new world. Let the bold spirit of Honeysuckle infuse you, lift you and carry you through the year. It’s a color for every day – with nothing “everyday” about it." -Pantone
you can check out all the awesome feelings this color evokes HERE.  

benjamin moore went a different route with their color of the year with vintage wine.. not too sure how i feel about this one...
"First seen on the fashion runways of New York, Paris, and Milan, this rich hue with a deep brown base and a hint of smoky violet is just as magnificent in the home."- benjamin moore
 check it out HERE 
dulux chose a yellowy hue, with no name.. i definately like it better than the benjamin moore choice!
"Colour of the Year is a light, airy, citrus yellow that symbolises a freer spirit, sense of fun and positive energy. Encapsulating a mood of hope and optimism, it conveys a feeling of fizzy sherbet, new growth, relaxed fun and the goodness and vitality of sunshine"- dulux
check the shade out HERE

what shade is your fav for the new year?

in other colorful news, katy perry looked fab last night in a colorful betsey johnson dress at the peoples choice awards.. you go girl.
(via google images)
i know you all probably think im crazy, but i love her, her style and betsey johnson makes the most adorable party dresses, ever.

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