merry christmas 2012!

Monday, December 17, 2012

its that time of year again! colby and i hope you have the merriest of Christmases and the Happiest new year!

here is our card from this year! we love it! a little of us from the wedding, honeymoon, and life as newlyweds!

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the 'we are moving to california' post.

well in case you haven't been paying attention, have been locked up in a closet, or under a rock, you heard our news. we are moving. to (san jose) california.
this has been a long time coming. i originally wanted to move out there after graduation. but some guy (luckily i married him) convinced me to stay in texas. austin became home and home it will always be. 

ANYWAYS, colby works in techy sales stuff, so to do something with his career that wasn't at dell, he started looking outside austin. we knew this was a great opportunity when he started interviewing. it was for his dream position with a great company. so it was a no brainer when they offered him the position if we would make the move out there.

so here we are, packing, selling almost all of our belongings waiting to make the drive to san jose. into 768 beautiful square feet with the two pups. i can't wait.

i'll be documenting the move. and changes. the weather (hello non-100degree + summers! temperatures vary from an average of 50 degrees in January to an average of 70 degrees in July!!!).

wish us luck!
silicon valley- here we come!

catching up. vol 4- baylor homecoming 2012

Thursday, November 8, 2012

one of my favorite times of the year (yes, i have more than one) is definately football season. and college football in particular!

it should be no surprise that CL and I are big baylor fans (even though they SUCK this year) something about the waco air just really gets us pumped! we bought season tickets this year, which was a first for us! we were so excited- neither of us had ever bought season tickets to ANYTHING, so we felt like we had accomplished something, even if it was just Baylor football!

we were even lucky to attend an "away" game... in austin! 

anways, last weekend was homecoming! it is always great to go back and catch up with old friends. it was a little warm this year (90+ in november!) and the game was evacuated at half time, but we still had a great time!



and just for good measure, the bears came out on top against kansas!

playing catchup. vol 3- halloween & zombie ball!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

halloween has NEVER been my favorite holiday. im not one of those girls that just LOVES wearing a scandalous outfit to a bar to spend way too much on alcohol.. BUT if the right event comes up and i've planned ahead, its not so bad!

we got invited to the zombie ball at ACL Live at the Moody Theater thanks to one of CLs vendors- Barracuda (who hooks us up ALL THE TIME!) it was so fun- we even got our makeup done by pro makeup artists to look as zombie-rific as possible!

bob schneider played with the scabs, there were burlesque performers, and some CA-RAZY costumes! CL and I went as the zombie versions of Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega from Pulp Fiction. It was pretty awesome! we had a great time! and i got TONS of compliments on my costume.. you'll see!

and of course, our dog-hters dressed up too!

playing catchup. vol 2 design camp

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

a month or so ago, i was given the honor of attending Design Camp with Lori Dennis and Kelli Ellis-- you know, some famous ladies from HGTV, Bravo, TLC...

The very first Design Camp (EVER) was held in Austin, which I thought was so great! What a fabulous city we live in! It was a fun, information packed 2 days- with seminars in social media, to staging led by local and national industry experts. It was such a great opportunity to learn and network with designers from ALL OVER the US! I mean, NY, Chicago, LA, Las Vegas and more! It was a small group (about 120) so it really gave us a great opportunity to make come great connections! I had a blast!

(brittany- you'll love this! kelli and her husband were on RHOC-- she was jeanna's designer, and john was her trainer! SO crazy!)

anyways, here are some photos! 
i also won this awesome hansgrohe hand held shower head in an instagram constest. i know. im awesome.

playing catchup. vol 1- ACL 2012

Monday, November 5, 2012

gah. im so bad at blogging lately. i've been trying to slowly get back into it, but damn. another month (or more) has gone by and still nothing. so, here is my attempt to catch up. the next 4 days, with the last 4 major events that have happened. then (hopefully) i can keep up! here goes nothing!

we decided to go to ACL this year. usually when we go, the LAST thing i want to do is go back the next year. so a couple years went by and this year, we decided to go. a bunch of our friends always go and we started to feel left out, so we bit the bullet and bought 3 day passes. it was a lot of fun- lots of sun, music, booze, and laughter. here are some pics from the weekend!

oh yea, i colored my hair. red!


'til next year.. maybe!

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