hello gorgeous.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

there is no doubt about it. the weather has been absolutely gorgeous these last few days. we have been walking/ jogging/ spending the most time we can outside, because it should be illegal to be inside! since today was CLs day off, we decided to head out to Zilker Park and hike part of the barton creek greenbelt. it was probably the best idea we have had in a LONG time. our friend sid joined us and we enjoyed the better part of the afternoon walking, talking, and taking a break in the refreshing water.

i did however realize that it is spring/summer and the swimsuits and tan bodies are coming out to haunt me. now we all know i can rock the pale, but out in the sunlight and in the water, holy moly. I.AM.SO.WHITE. like sickly looking pale :( now, im totally against tanning beds, and i refuse to get spray tanned. the first, and ONLY time i mystic tanned, i ended up looking like THIS. no lie. it was awful, seriously bad. lets just say i bought a lifetime supply of witch hazel and buff puffs just to go in public. so i've decided that im going to be brave, load up on the sunscreen- i ALWAYS wear sunscreen, and start spending more time outside. walking, reading, playing with the dogs, kayaking, and yes, the occasional laying out. hopefully by may, when i have to wear a gorgeous black bridesmaid dress, i won't look like death! wish me luck!!

Yo, where my peeps at??

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

as most of you know easter is right around the corner! even though its not a huge holiday (maybe for some it is) BUT the treats are awesome!! even though they make PEEPS for all holidays now, i refuse to eat them any other time than easter! and then there's bunny cakes, jelly beans, easter egg hunts and dying eggs, and pretty sundresses, and time with family! loves it!

on the peep subject, i freaking LOVE them. theres nothing better than a bunny or chick shaped,  sugar coated marshmallows! they come in pretty colors, and theres even a book about what you can do to them... check some funny peeps photos HERE! haha. seriously, peeps!!

i had austin zeta alumni happy hour today- it was so nice to catch up with some girl friends! the weather was great, and i love the grove. its a wine bar/restaurant with awesome wine flights and yummy, yummy food! im thinking of getting involved with the board, and im really excited about the possibility of getting to do so! while i was at happy hour i totally forgot to dvr dancing with the stars :( so, dont tell me!! i know that the bottom 3 were women, and according to my mom, i guessed all three ladies correct, but she wouldn't tell me who got the boot! ahh!

im looking forward to tomorrow-- its CL's day off and were going to jog/walk the greenbelt in zilker and check out a neighborhood were interested in! i hope the weather is just as gorgeous tomorrow as it was today!

til next time--


Monday, March 29, 2010

8th grade math is hard,ya'll. i sometimes wonder how i graduated high school AND college, and somehow cannot correctly complete 37 questions that an 8th grader can do. what in the world!!  i mean, it has been YEARS since 8th grade, let alone high school, so there are some definite cobwebs and i never had the highest skill level when it came to math. shapes, graphs, simple arithmetic-sure, but ALGEBRA?! bah. im going to need some serious good luck in the coming days to remember all this math, think happy mathematical thoughts for me, please!! 

Da Bears.

well, unfortunately the bears men's team lost to duke yesterday. they played a great game, and had an amazing season! bears, and fans all over the US came together to cheer them on, and it was really great to see the amazing support, especially on national tv! the final four is in Houston next year, so hopefully we will see the bears back again!! im always super proud to be a bear, SIC EM!

the weather has been amazing lately, and my allergies, well im learning to live with them. instead of hitting the gym colby and i went on a walk/jog. it was so nice! we decided unless its raining, swim day, or the dreaded stair climber day, were doing cardio outside- until it gets hot out!  we definitely need to enjoy this perfect weather while it lasts!

im devoting every moment from now until april 7th to studying for my texes exam. im getting certified to teach 4-8th grades, but i really want to teach 4th or 5th. i hope that i pass, because im a terrible test taker! i get SO nervous. i know with a lot of preparation, and a deep breath i should be fine, fingers crossed!!

dancing with the stars is on again tonight!! yay!! i wonder who will be the first eliminated?? i hate to see anyone go, but i have my ideas- do you?

I should have waited!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Oh my GOSH!! I should have waited to write that blog earlier! i definitely have more exciting news today! i don't know what march 27th is, but it must be a lucky day!! My wonderful, great friend Brittany got engaged! i got to talk to her for like .5 seconds, and she was still out of breath! she will never look at a box of cupcakes the same again!  I am so excited and happy for her and her now fiance, Brandon!! Congratulations you two!! let the party begin!!
Brittany and Brandon!!
(photo by Jillian Louise Photography)

Excitement is in the air!

I have SO much good news today, that im bursting with joy!! First and foremost, my beautiful, talented cousin Nadia got accepted into HSPVA (The High School for the Performing and Visual Arts)!!! We have waited long and hard for her acceptance, and could not be more proud or excited for her! She will be attending for theater/ acting! Her first step toward that Oscar!!
Congrats Nadia!!!!!! HSPVA Class of 2014!!

And in case you haven't tuned in to any March madness... BAYLOR has both men's and women's teams in the ELITE 8!! That is incredible!! The men beat St. Mary's last night 72-49! It was the perfect game! We really showed the world what Baylor is all about! The women's team beat Tennessee today 77-62. The men play Duke on Sunday for a trip to the big dance and the ladies play again Monday against Duke as well... Those poor blue devils are about to get torn up!!  It's definitely a great time to be a Baylor bear!! Sic 'Em!!

How Sweet it is!

Friday, March 26, 2010

So unless your living under a rock, it is MARCH MADNESS, and madness it is! From complete bracket upsets, it has been a tournament to remember! BAYLOR has made the SWEET 16!!! It is the first trip to the sweet 16 in school history! And if we win tonight (which we should) it will be the 1st time Baylor has made it to the final for in the modern era! And we are one of 2 schools left from the big 12--WHOA!! SIC EM BEARS!! Luckily for Baylor the next two games are in Houston, which means an invasion of Bears in the Houston area! How lucky for Baylor to get such awesome support! Rip 'em up, Tear 'em up, SIC EM BU!!!!

allergies, schmallergies.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

i know im not the only one suffering from a runny nose, sore throat, constant sneezing... and that can only mean one thing. spring is here and allergies are in full bloom. the weather is absolutely gorgeous, but going outside only makes you sneeze, and blow you nose non-stop. i really think austin is hazing me as this is my first spring here. i am absolutely miserable. apparently the oak and hackberry trees are a bloomin' and my body does NOT appreciate this. ugh. i just want to feel as nice as the weather and sit outside and enjoy the spring time.

and on top of that, it continues to rain, which is awesome-- lake travis is 100% full-woo! but its keeping my dogs inside, and not only are they driving me insane, but they are starting to get cabin fever. you can see that they know its nice out, but we still wont take them to the park because after the downpour last night, there is like 3 inches of water in the dog park, and i do not need muddy dogs right now. ugh. summer where are you??

on a positive note, all this indoor time is forcing me to plow through the remainder of my online classes and im getting a lot of good studying done for my exam on april 7!

til next time

when it rains. it pours.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

have you ever noticed when you life seems to be going divinely smooth, the next day an explosion of horrible, terrible, no good things happen? like all of a sudden the skies part and everything that you once knew all seems to be slipping through your fingers? thats kind of how today has gone. one thing after another, and the emotions pour out like you have never expressed yourself before. luckily, for all of us, life does go on, and unless someone has died, life goes on. lucky for a certain someone, life has thrown him one last chance, and for the love of God, i hope that with this last chance, he doesn't hang himself with it. even the weather was gloomy today. but after the rain, comes the sunshine, and im 100% ready for some sun.

its just these little life lessons that teach us that sometimes you have to leap and pray that the parachute opens.

I know the heart of life is good.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

so im starting over, once again. a clean slate. a new place to ramble on about life, love, and the fact that one of my dogs got into the garbage and feasted on some bbq ribs on my new rug today. life never ceases to keep me on my toes, thats for sure.

other than that, did anyone catch Dancing With The Stars' premier last night? i don't know why, but i absolutely love that show. maybe because its reality tv that doesn't breed bad or negative things. its always fun to watch. after one round i think olympic gold medalist evan lysacek and nicole scherzinger from the pussycat dolls are going to be the front runners, buzz aldrin was the most adorable 80 year old man, and pamela anderson was, you guessed it, a HOT mess-- entertainment at its finest. and did anyone think i was A-super cheesy to have bachelor jake dance with a rose and to seal's "kiss from a rose"? and what was gia doing there with vienna?? CA-RAZY. be sure to vote HERE if you watch!!

as most of you know i'm getting certified to teach- i've completed my face-to-face training, my in class experience, and am almost finished with the online supplements and quizzes... which leaves the big 'ole TeXes exam. i'll be head in a book brushing up on my 4-8th grade math, reading, science, social studies, and english! think good thoughts!! i have to pass the exam to get a job, and i NEED a teaching job! it really is a lot of fun and i'm enjoying it more than i thought! i still love design, and am still doing things on the side, but something has to pay the bills!

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