beware of dog.

Monday, April 26, 2010

**there are gory photos at the end of this post!!**

so as if the truck stolen fiasco wasn't enough for the week, i have something else for you. on sunday my brother nic (NB) was attacked by a stray dog. CL and I got a call around 7 from my mom letting us know that he was bit pretty bad and was on the way to the emergency room. FOR REAL.

 we were on our way out to go car window shopping and said we'd touch base and go see him. i texted him to see how he was going and the summary of the conversation was "it's really bad, you'd probably throw up if you saw it". great. we met him up at the TexasMed Clinic (this place was clean, new, and saw him immediately) and i went in the back to meet him.

he had already been stitched up.. 11 stitches! 3 separate wounds! pain med shots! and yes, he started his rabies vaccs! at least he was in good spirits! i got more info once i got to talk to him in the room... he was at a park with about 30 people playing with his dog, rocket, and a NO COLLARED pit bull/boxer mix came up and started sniffing rocket. then the dog mounted rocket (dude on dude dog action=not rockets cup of tea) so rocket showed his fangs, then they started to fight. nic panicked and grabbed rocket by the neck and as soon as he did that the stray went straight for NB. apparently his "friends" didn't react like he did. he got out of there asap and went home and washed his leg off and realized how bad it was.

after everything was said and done, he had to find someone to drive him to the emergency room. for real!? they had "other things" to do. what kind of friends are they?! luckily he had found some other guys to drive him and wait with him up there, thanks boys!! i have NO idea what happened to the dog that attacked him, but i hope he is found and dealt with appropriately. NB was the 4th dog attack victim of the day, and there was a 5th in the waiting room when we left.

and now the moral of the story. be responsible pet owners. make sure your pets have collars with tags. make sure your pets are up-to-date on their vaccinations. don't let this happen again, because next time it could be a small child, or if could be you.

a few things about me.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

i figured instead of rambling on about something random, i'd let you all know a little about me enjoy!
i enjoy spending my afternoons walking around aimlessly at target, marshalls, big lots... i go with dirty hair, no makeup, running shorts and a big t-shirt and my fancy jewelry and take a nice purse and let people judge me. i rarely ever buy anything, but i can roam for hours.

i have a sweet tooth. big time. i have no idea where it came from and i know its terrible for me, but i love me some gummy bears, chocolate, you name it.

on that note, i LOVE wasabi. with or without sushi. it burns SO good.

i am VERY independent. i'll go to dinner, the movies, wherever, by myself. i think there is a certain confidence in being able to go out alone. i'll be the first to say i can't believe i've been in a relationship for over a year and a half. but i love him and wouldn't have it any other way.

i love the water. beach, lake, river, bath tub. my zodiac sign is the crab (cancer) and just about everywhere you read about them, they are water babies and that is totally me. im SO blessed to live in a city with tons of water around!

i have a few great friends, and a lot of acquaintances and a HUGE loving family. i'd rather have a handful of amazing friends than have a lot of so-so friends. friends are the family you get to choose, so choose wisely.

i go through 'color phases'. lately it has been purple. the color of royalty and nobility :) previous colors have included teal/turquoise, pink, and white.

 i hate moving. seriously. i've moved 7 times in the last 6 years and i'll be moving again in august. i really just want to stay put.

i hate being pale, but im scared of the sun. im very fair skinned and i burn easily the first few times im in the sun. it makes me nervous because i do not want skin cancer. that being said, im an avid sunscreen wearer!

i love being in pictures, but i hate being photographed alone. it makes me feel SO awkward. i'd be a terrible model. 
(photos via weheartit and google images)

life is not a highway, it's a roller coaster.

sorry for the lack of posts, but the last 48 hours have been absolutely crazy. thursday afternoon i was cooking sauce and meatballs (heck yes. all homemade) and patiently waiting for CL to get home because we had planned to go see jonathan tyler at antones. i got a call and he was like 'i drove to work today, right?' OH CRAP. so i jump in the car as fast as i could and drove in the rain. yup. CL's truck was stolen. straight from the dell parking lot. great. i get to dell and thankfully the rain stopped, and of course CL is panicked and calling everyone from the cops to his insurance to the bank. dell "security" showed up and took some notes then i took him home to get a copy of his insurance card for the cops. i felt SO bad for him. it had started off such a good day. he won $7 on a lottery ticket, got a check from dell, we were going on a date, then BAM. truck stolen. so he got home and we had a chat about what all was in the truck (his gym backpack with his iPod, his gym card, a nalgene bottle, his northface fleece, the garage door opener, an alabama cup (veronica, im going to need a new one!) books from school, and of course info with our address on it. double crap. time to hike up security. the cops call a few times and CL is like, theres LoJack in the car, but its not registered to me.. would that help?! YES. now the waiting begins. and instead of sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves, i took him out to dinner. apparently pancakes make everything better.

fast forward a few hours. the phone rings. its round rock police. TRUCK WAS FOUND. in south austin in an apartment complex. and thats all we know, but it's enough good news to let us sleep peacefully.

he talks to the cops/tow yard where they took his truck and we find out that it 'looks good' and we can pick it up in the morning because austin pd has a hold on it until round rock pd prints it. around noon, i pick CL up from work thinking we could pick up the truck during his lunch hour. boy were we wrong. we get there and its like kinda bad news after kinda bad news. they took everything but the gate opener and his gym card. the car won't start. the key wont even go in. luckily the tow yard has a locksmith that they deal with so we call and wait. 3 hours wait. i grabbed lunch, and we went furniture shopping aka sitting in comfy chairs in the air conditioning. locksmith arrives and replaces the ignition. truck still wont start. he told us we needed a new electric starter. and we can do it ourselves. CL calls our friend Damon for assistance and the hunt for a starter and tools start. after going to 3 stores we get everything we need and head back to the tow lot and start replacing the starter. its hot. and boom. the car still won't start. luckily damon noticed that there was no lights on, the radio didn't work... the battery is dead. haha. the missing link is the battery! luckily i have jumper cables and voila! truck starts!! hallelujah. the day from hell is over.

Happy Earth Day!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

hope everyone is having a beautiful, green Earth Day!
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the most awesome 48 hours.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

i've only been back in austin for barely 48 hours and CL has had it jam packed full of fun stuff! he must have really missed me! i got a surprise phone call on Tuesday afternoon and he was like 'we have a date tonight!' and i was like 'ooooookay'... then CL was like i got baseball tickets!! he sure knows me well! he picked me up after work, we stopped by mighty fine and grabbed burgers and sat outside, then went to the dell diamond for the game. we had berm tickets, which for a date, is the best. we shared a blanket on the hill and watched the sun set, and the game of course! the express beat omaha in the 10th inning 1-0.. needless to say we got our moneys worth!

wednesdays as you know are CLs day off, so we decided that we needed to take full advantage of the gorgeous weather and his time off, so we decided to rent a kayak and paddle around town lake! we packed a cooler with our lunch, and headed off to zilker and jumped in! (well into the kayak.. that water is COLD.) we had so much fun and got a little sun.. and no i didnt mean for that to rhyme! can't wait to see what adventure we choose next week!

houston recap.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

im baccccck!! yay! while it was SO good to be "home" visiting the family, it was a whirlwind 5 days!! i'll start from the first day and try to hit the high points! let's see... i arrived on wednesday and we went to tokyo bowl.. YUM. if you are in the clear lake area and are hungry for sushi, go there . its AMAZING. thursday was a shopping day.. me and mom spent the majority of the day at the galleria looking at sundresses for all the events i have coming up.. wedding shower, wedding shower, rehearsal dinner, graduations.. may is going to be jam packed! nadia had a play that night, so we quick grabbed a chargrilled chicken sandwich at chick-fil-a and unknown to me, the astros mascot was there!! it was so funny.. he came and sat in the booth with my mom! and he was like picture! picture! then came back like 2 more times and was playing with her hair. it was SO funny! then we headed off to nadia's school for 'a midsummer night's dream'.. all i have to say is that nadia looked and performed beautifully... as for everyone else, maybe learning your lines would help! one poor kid forgot all his lines to the point he had to pull out his line book and READ his lines. it was pretty comical.

friday was mani/pedi day (thank you momadear!) then last minute shopping and preparation for the shower! jad had a baseball game and because i LOVE baseball, it was a must! the weather cleared up, but my allergies were out of control. i could barely breathe! the redwings won (woohoo!) and we went to escalantes to celebrate. SO good. and yes, our lives revolve around food. lol.

saturday was michele's bridal shower tea at the hotel icon (where she is also getting hitched in may!) it was a great time and everyone looked beautiful. michele got a ton of super nice gifts and she's getting more and more excited every second. sunday we had a fitting for our bridesmaid dresses. looks like the working out is paying off! they are having to take in my dress-woo hoo! some of the dresses came in a size or 2 small so i was panicking, but mine was big (thank goodness!) the rest of the weekend was pretty calm. molly really enjoyed herself- she LOVES the big yard.

Sunday afternoon CL's mom finished the MS150 in austin!! his dad, mom, and sis came to the house and had dinner and relaxed. im sad i missed them, but i was still in houston and the weather was bad, so i didnt want to drive. congrats jane! 150 miles is a LOT!!

in other news we are packing up and moving in august. our landlord doesn't want us back. he says his son and his wife need the place back, but i don't buy it. if you knew the whole story, you wouldn't believe it either.  im SO relieved. i can't wait to be in a big home instead of this tiny, overpriced townhouse. i mean, its cute, but not worth the price, or the headache. i've been chatting with a girl from austin city living, and she is going to help us find the perfect place. i can't wait!

outta town!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

sorry for the lack of posts!! i've been out of town since Wednesday and i've been busy busy busy! Once things settle down tomorrow afternoon, i'll catch up on things! until then, hope you are having a great weekend!

these are a few of my favorite things.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

peonies. i wish they weren't so expensive so i could have them in my house at all times.

the beach. water, sun, happiness.

molly. enough said.

crowns. zeta. love.

jm. any time, any day, any mood.

cupcakes. the perfect sized treat.

this guy. he may drive me nuts, but who's not a little crazy these days?

beisbol. baseball. 

my bro. he's the bestest.

my mom. she's going to kill me for this. but it makes me smile.

austin. my new home.

so i know i left out my dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and my best friends. but don't worry. there will be another post for that. what are your favorites?
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well said.

Monday, April 12, 2010

beware: rambling ahead.

so i took the weekend off from blogging. i know, i know, you all were probably dying of boredom. my apologies. it was a pretty busy, jam packed weekend though... we started the weekend off friday night by staying in and watching the astros game. big loss. i was running around the house trying to make sure everything was good to go before i left for the job fair in the morning. saturday morning i headed over to one of the high schools for a teaching job fair. holy moly. it looked as if it was the state championship football game. the parking lot was PACKED. thank goodness i arrived early and got a spot in the parking lot, unlike many others who were frantically trying to find parking anywhere. so i had never been to a job fair, and now i know why. it was a mess. there were hundreds of people there. in a high school gym. with no air conditioning. in heels. im guessing it is as close to hell as one can get. standing in line, after line, after line to talk to someone for .5 seconds while they toss your resume in an enormous pile. SOMEONE PLEASE HIRE ME.

after the fair, i met CL for my 'day off food'. i was in such a foul mood i begged for a soda. sorry mom, i caved. that evening, my sweet cousin nadia was in town for a UIL conference at UT, so we got to take her out on the town! we tried taking her and her friend alex to hula hut, but it was SO packed there wasnt even amy buzzers left. now, no offense to hula hut, but the food isnt that great- its the lake that draws people in.. and it wasnt even that nice out! grrr. so we took them to moonshine instead. yum. then off to waterloo records to look around, and amy's ice cream before we had to have the girls back at 11. it was so fun to have them in town.

sunday we went to church, brunch, watched the masters (pretty boring to me, but it was kind of fun watching tiger play so badly) and off to the gym. congrats are indeed due to phil mickelson.. for his 3rd masters win. i have SO much laundry and cleaning to do today that even though i've made a list, im overwhelmed. monday has officially become the day of the week i loathe the most. theres piles of laundry backed up for miles. theres dishes in the sink. and the house is usually upside down.  dancing with the stars is on tonight and im going home for 5 days on wednesday! yay!!

i totally forgot.

Friday, April 9, 2010

i cannot believe i have forgotten to celebrate this. IT'S BASEBALL SEASON Y'ALL! omg. my favorite season of the year. forget college football, mlb baseball is where its at. its america's favorite pastime. there's nothing better than an evening at the ballpark with a hotdog, cold beer, and baseball. it's seriously my all time favorite thing to do. unfortunately i am houston born and bred so my default i am a diehard astros fan. no ones messes with my boys. that's right, they are my boys. i also am super lucky to live really close to dell diamond- home of the round rock express- an astros farm team! its not minute maid, but its still fun! CL works for dell, so with his badge we get super cheap- like $6.50 for a ticket.. and theres a pool and all sorts of fun stuff to do there! anyways, back to my astros (who are losing right now). i believe we have taken over the curse that the red sox broke a few years back. i have a feeling its going to be a while before we have a winning season all the way through. my favorite astro- mr lance berkman- (CLs look-a-like) is still out, which makes me a little nervous since it's so late in his career. and yes, he is indeed molly's namesake. (shes officially molly berkman brem, for real.) rumors have it that he wants to be the baseball coach for the university of texas... which i would be okay with.. hello season tickets. my other favorite is a new york met.. oh david wright. you play 3rd base so well. hip hip hooray, it's baseball season!! play ball!

soy bean are bad for dogs?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

so this is part two to the asian dinner fiasco feast. an accouterment to the potsickers we had edamame (soy beans), which are SO yum. you can snack on these babies for hours. and they are good for you. well while we were at the table i fed molly a few. to our surprise both dogs really liked them.. we fed them a few and then joked, 'haha that would be funny if these were bad for dogs. im going to google it.' WELL turns out soy and soy beans are the number one allergy in dogs. SERIOUSLY?! so i panicked a little, then ran and checked out their food. soy is a inexpensive substitute in dog good, and luckily the poopers have had soy before and havent had any problems, so we were in the clear. if it isnt one thing, its the other! i can't even imagine having kids and getting them to finally eat a vegetable then finding out they are allergic. geez. 

in our quest to be better humans, CL and i have been going to church- and testing different ones. today was catholic day because im catholic. CL had never been to a catholic church, so we figured a 6pm thursday mass would ease him in, so we went to st. william catholic church in round rock. its the biggest catholic church in central texas, and they weren't lying. the cathedral sits a little over 1,700 people!! it only lasted 30 mins, which was perfect. it was beautiful, vaulted ceilings, and a mural of jesus with 8-pack abs, a tan and flowing blonde hair. we can all dream can't we??

the final countdown.

my first job fair for a teaching position is this saturday. i am running out of prep time. and i am so consumed with getting everything ready. my resume, portfolio, my "commercial". i have no idea what i've gotten myself into and even though its scary, i couldn't be more excited. a new chapter, a new adventure. once i survive saturday, i can get back to concentrating 100% of my time to studying for my TExES exam on the 28th. i've got a few big weeks ahead of me.

did i do that?

so today is CL's day off so we spent the better half of the afternoon running errands and hanging out at the house. we decided to go work out early so we could have the evening free.. awesome idea, but im totally paying for it now. 20 minutes on the 'stair-climb' of death will seriously have you hurting. its an awesome workout, but when you have to climb 2 flights of stairs to get to bed, ugh. i can feel my muscles growing, or forming (i think they are growing since i believe they were once there) and it makes me feel good. theres nothing better than a good workout to get you motivated.

for dinner, i decided to try my luck at asian food. potstickers in particular. a girl from baylor has a foodie blog where she cooks and caters out of her tiny kitchen. (check ashlea out HERE!) the recipe seemed easy enough and looked yummy. and it was. with one exception. being 24 and a college graduate, and a member of the human race i SHOULD know not to drop wet, watery dumplings into a hot, oil filed pan. but i didnt. i dropped one potsticker in the pan and it was like oily fireworks. everywhere. thank God we do not have a gas stove, or dinner wouldn't have been the only thing hot and crispy. i couldn't believe i did that. and for a moment, i thought to myself. seriously, did i do that?!  a few oil burns later, and a very bruised ego, dinner was ready, and although it was seriously ugly, it was seriously good.

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