Wedding Catch Up: Engagement Photos

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

As I mentioned in my new 'our forever story section', there are quite a few pretty important details about the wedding and events leading up to the wedding that i forgot to document. So here goes to catching up!

I absolutely LOVED our engagement photos. They were totally us- a little fun, hip, and full of love. we took them around downtown austin, and we had the most perfect day! so without further adieu, our engagement photos!

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Back in action, with a new look!

Hello there!
Im back and alive and as you can see, had a facelift (the blog, obvs.)! I decided to take advantage of my downtime (I've been lucky to not have to work since we moved to California for a while!) and get back to blogging! Take a look around, I hope you like what i've done! 
I'll be back tomorrow- catching everyone up on the wedding, which I apparently forgot to share with the world!
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