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Thursday, March 28, 2013

I'm back! The last week or so has been so jam packed with family, that I'm just now getting back into the grove of things! I'll be sure to catch everyone up on our adventures!
Since having everyone in town, and holiday, and birthdays came up, and Colby's big 30th is right around the corner (in August), I figured that there is no time like the present to start planning his birthday party! We are headed to Vegas, but will have something here (in California) for him as well! 
As you all know, I'm a huge fan of Shutterfly (and Tiny Prints, and Wedding Paper Divas) so naturally I started looking there first! They have so many great options, and everything can be personalized!
You can check out all of Shutterfly's Party Invitations HERE!
Here are a few of my faves! (Obviously I didn't put our information on these, but you can personalize and play with all the cards on the site!)
Bold Typography Birthday Invitation 
With the bold type and the chic color combo (love the light turquoise and red!) these invitations would definitely get the party started!
 Colorful Type Birthday Invitation
This invitation is so cute and colorful- probably not super appropriate for a guy's birthday party, but so fun, none the less! 
Chalkboard Wishes Birthday Invitation
I'm totally loving the chalkboard/ calligraphy combo right now, and these would be a great start for a classy affair!
Champagne Confetti Birthday Invitation
How chic are these? With a great photo (mmm black and white would look fab!) these would be a hit! 
Which one is your favorite?!
From birthday, to bachelorette party to shower, graduation, and baptism invitations, Shutterfly has got you covered! And the best part? You can personalize and see them before buying! So if you can't decide, you can personalize a few then choose your favorite! And the low cost doesn't hurt either! Sign up and they send you specials too! I love me some Shutterfly!
(this is not a sponsored post. shutterfly is not paying me for singing their praises!)
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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hi ya'll!
Today is the big day! Our wedding is featured on Southern Weddings Magazine's blog today! I've known for a couple weeks, but didn't want to ruin the surprise! It was so hard not to spill the beans, because I was SO excited!!
We are so honored that not only our wedding was chosen to be featured, but it was a blog dedicated to southern weddings! I just adore those ladies!
Check our feature out HERE!
follow Southern Weddings on 
and of course, like them on
Cheers, ya'll!!
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a list and a baby!

Friday, March 8, 2013

happy friday, y'all! hope you have had a great week! and NO, no baby for me!

I feel like  I need to take a load off and vent. nothing major, just a lot that needs to get aired out.

i do not understand how one works out every.single.day. eats healthy and in moderation. and hasn't lost a single pound. not a single pound. i kid you not. we actually thought the scale was broken, but we have some handweights and double checked. (im still not convinced). i know that muscle weighs more than fat and i know my body is changing (hello curves!) but still. im trying a new eating plan next week, so we will see. anyone every have this problem?

i sometimes wish there was a place (not this blog anymore!) where I could vent. like really vent, without anyone seeing it or getting their feelings hurt. i guess i'll have to revert to handwriting my feelings and lighting the paper on fire and releasing my irks unto the universe. i wonder how my apartment is going to feel about that! haha

i am still not 100% used to living in california. i mean, its cold here, still (weird) and it rains periodically (even weirder.) like to the point where i believe i've out worn the 4 long sleeved shirts i own. haha.

and while im on the topic of 'i live in california', all my houston friends are all like, 'its rodeo season', and all my austin friends are like 'omg sxsw' and im like i live in california, bitches! but seriously. living here is indefinitely more fun than both said events.

and last but not least, my oldest friend of 23 years is now a mom! on march 6, michelle and eddie welcomed a beautiful baby girl to the world, elle deńee is just perfect! congrats you two!
The Contemporary Capture
welcome to the world, elle!
have a great weekend everyone!

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Wedding Catch Up: My Bridal Luncheon

Friday, March 1, 2013

just a little more wedding events catching up!
my cousin and aunt hosted the most beautiful bridal luncheon at Brennans of Houston. All of my bridesmaids except two live in Houston so it was hard to get everyone together, so it was mostly family and friends there. It was the most beautiful day and I felt so loved and supported.
everyone arrived in their spring dresses! i just love bridal showers- good food & drinks and yummy desserts!
 my cousin and bridesmaid nadia started the luncheon off with a little toast. this is how much i love her. yes, im crying. she's the best.
Colby and I are so lucky to have been showered with such beautiful gifts! Including our first real piece of art commissioned just for us! ahh!
it was such a beautiful afternoon!
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