a wee bit of me wednesday!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

{one} if you could be on the cover of any magazine, which would it be?
interior design. but they rarely put people on the cover, so maybe US weekly. that would be cool... 

{two} how would you describe yourself in three words?
loving, creative, and determined.
{three} if you could have any super power, what would it be?
teleportation.. i hate driving. and flying. getting somewhere in the snap of your finger would be AWESOME.

{four} what's your favorite movie quote?
"your killing me smalls!" ...im sure i have others but thats all i can come up with right now!

{five} if you could go back in time 10 years and tell your younger self something, what would it be?
nothing is ever as it seems, nothing is ever as bad as it seems, and a little effort goes a long way.
{six} who was your first crush?
oh gosh. maybe this kid named justin? he asked me to be a cheerleader for his football team and we went to the new kids on the block concert. he's married and a pro baseball player now.
{seven} what tv show makes you laugh the loudest?
gah.. other than reality shows i dont really watch tv shows.. but every now and then i watch hannah montana.. i know. its pretty silly. it makes me giggle.
{eight} what was your first paying job?
when i was 16 i was a cashier at Sun & Ski Sports. I basically rode a bike around and occasionally checked people out. 
{nine} what celebrity would play you in a movie about your life?
hilary duff. or carrie underwood. i mean, i dont think she's an actress, but i love her anyways.
{ten} if you had to perform in the circus, what trick would you do?
maybe a mix between eating fire and the high wire. that would be awesome.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

these last few days have been so hectic and i have so much going on that i cannot even get a clear thought out. with my birthday fastly approaching and a few 'top secret' things up my sleeve, i have not a moment to relax! i've been picking out birthday cakes, and trying to find a restaurant for my birthday dinner, and of course trying to find the perfect birthday outfit! my birthday is july 4th by the way... my mom is coming up this weekend to visit and of course my house is a mess and i cannot concentrate on cleaning and organizing  on top of everything else that is going on! ahh!

anywho. since my birthday is approaching i figured i'd share with everyone my fantasy birthday wish list. 

a new car. duh...

these shoes... um yes, please! they are the perfect summer sandal.. sparkles and everything!

another piece for the collection...

money! and lots of it...

a 3d tv.. come on, you know you want one too!

for the new place. king size. 

some of these. delivered weekly.

i've always loved this. classic and modern.

a classic must have.

...and thats about it. 
happy pretend birthday to me!
(all images via Google Images)

found it!

so a couple weeks ago i posted about IM Pei and I couldn't find my model.. well, Im updating my portfolio, and I found the photos! this is a page from my digital portfolio. enjoy!

mall post part two.

Monday, June 28, 2010

this is a quick one. back to the topic of strange things at the mall...

what happens when the Chihuahua/teacup yorkie/small designer dog pees or poops in the fancy bag/purse/dog carrier? 
yea, i don't know either.

and while we are talking about dogs, WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THIS?!
i can't help but laugh. 

mah weekend.

this weekend was such a whirlwind! friday was our usual date night. we headed to moonshine, which is closely becoming one of my favorite restaurants in austin. there is usually a wait, but its worth it! we were going to go to the movies after dinner, but we decided to call it an early night because of out jam packed saturday! 

saturday we headed out to emma long park to meet up with michelle and her crew to go out on the boat. we loaded up and headed out on the water.. the weather was awesome! it was hot, but not too hot, and it was sunny, but not too sunny. we tied up with a few other boats-- one even had a flat screen on it so we all were able to watch the USA/Ghana match.. unfortunately the US lost, but we all celebrated anyways. we all had a great time and i did NOT get sunburned this time! 

after we spent the majority of the day on the water, we hit dry land running. we rushed home, changed, let the dogs out, and CL made me a PB&J sandwich, that may or may not have saved my life. i may have had one too many drinks out in the sun and we skipped lunch.. it was touch and go in the car ride home from the lake... anyways, we headed back into town to meet my cousin Michele and her husband Eric and their friends Derrick and Emily at Stubbs BBQ for dinner. it was SO good to see them! we haven't really had a chance to see or talk to them since the wedding, so any chance to catch up with them is awesome!

sunday, we signed our new lease-- 24 months! yay! we are SO excited to stay put for more than a year. now we have to start packing to move down the street

privacy please?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

while strolling through the mall today i noticed that shopping isn't just shopping anymore. among the stores full of clothes and shoes, the kiosks full of soap and hair straighteners and whatever the gypsies are trying to sell to you.. in the midst of all this are shops set up in the middle of the hallways.. of which i think should  be done in an office of some sort. for example:

teeth whitening. not only is this probably best done in a dentist chair, but out front of hollister? weird. i mean, everyone can see you with the goop in your mouth, with that weird mouthpiece holding your mouth wide open, heavy sunglasses and a blue light. not exactly something you would want to have done in the hallways of the mall. in my opinion anyways.

massages. i know shopping is gruesome but seriously, if you need a knot worked out, maybe you should make an appointment at a spa and get a good rub down. in between the hustle and bustle of the mall, is the most relaxing place to get a massage in the middle of mall? probably not.

eyebrow threading. ladies, i know its a part of life, but getting your bushy brows manicured in the middle of the mall... not exactly lady like. i know there are places that do this in the privacy of an office or room. i mean, i know that when i get mine (my eyebrows) waxed or threaded, i dont want anyone to see how bad they look before.. and you shouldn't either.

on frank gehry.

Friday, June 25, 2010

last week CL and i watched 'sketches of frank gehry' and i got so busy i totally forgot to share! gehry is an american architect that is not only well know in the US, but world wide. if you haven't been inside one of his buildings, you have seen one, and if you have seen one, you remember it. and i say american loosely.. he's actually canadian! haha.. he has a fascination with exposed construction and the use of mass produced and affordable materials.. like plywood, chain link, and corrugated metal sheeting. his buildings are large and geometric in shape and are very organic. from the wave like roof of the Disney Ice to the Guggenheim in Bilbao, to the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. He formally investigated furniture construction out of plywood and cardboard.  he dabbled in fluid sculptures of fish, creating one of his most recognizable pieces in Barcelona. he never took no for an answer and continually thinks out of the box.

during his schooling, one of his professors at USC told him to quit. that he would never be successful. boy did he prove them wrong. Gehry has buildings in the US, Spain, Japan, Germany, France, The Czech Republic, and Scotland. He is considered a 'Starchitect'- a modern architectural icon in his right. In 2006 he inspired a jewelry line at Tiffany & Co. which is beautiful in it's complex simplicity. his designs are unique and bold, i LOVE them.

i was lucky to have visited the guggenheim in bilbao, spain on my study abroad, and it was magical. it is to be said to be one, if not his best work and it was an amazing experience to first hand experience one of his creations.

the guggenheim bilbao
(personal photo)

tiffany jewelry
(photo via google images)

walt disney concert hall
(photo via google images)

the dancing house
(photo via google images)

the fish barcelona
(personal photo)

disney ice anaheim
(photo via google images)

is that a cracked open door?

good things are coming. i have a good feeling about this!

things im loving right now, version 6.24.2010

Thursday, June 24, 2010

im bored. so here more of what im loving right now. enjoy!

the new apple iPhone iOS 4 update. hello folders and wallpaper and books, OH MY!
(image via google images)

instant netflix. it is the best thing, ever. movies, tv.. whenever you want it!
(image via google images)

beach hair. i've almost perfected it. it's the perfect pool to dinner look.
(image via google images)

sleepy doggies. its the cutest thing watching molly sleep. not in a creeper way, but ugh. puppies.
(these are from when molly was a bebe!)

lemonade. i can't drink enough. i dont know what it is about summer and lemonade that makes me crave cold lemonade, but theres a strong pull there! we can't keep enough in the house!
(image via google images)

7:30pm. its the perfect time of day. i open the doors, pull the shades back, take the dogs out.. its just serene.
(image via google images)

this video. its delicious! i may not agree that california girls are the best (texas girls are, duh!) but i adore katy perry and love this video.. someone get me that silvery-blue/purple wig asap!!

oh life.

life is full of strange surprises. this past week i have had more than one friend lose parent. i've argued over wether or not evaporated milk and sweetened condensed milk is the same. (its not) i've heard things out of people i would never wish upon anyone. the guy that is currently living in our new townhouse asked for $1000 for his patio set. (um no) i've prepared as much as i can for an event that could potentially be awesome. i got a surprise phone call from an old friend and had a great laugh. (shes not old but i've known her for a while!) and they finally poured concrete for new parking here. i've been attacked for having an opinion and a college degree. i've been showered and dressed every day this week before noon. a tennis match at wimbledon  set the record for the longest match, ever. and to top it off our president fired general mcchrystal for his remarks printed in 'rolling stone magazine'...

(photo via photobucket)

a wee bit of me wednesday!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

it's wednesday ya'll! enjoy!

If someone game you a brand new yacht, what would you name it?
'wishful thinking' because it would never happen! it would be nice though.. and my birthday is right around the corner!!

Have you broken any bones? if yes how?
i haven't! knock on wood! i have had torn ligaments in my ankle (jet ski accident), a partially separated shoulder (snowboarding), a pulled IT band (thank you tennis) and various other minor injuries!

Who would win in a fight: pirates or ninjas?
pirates. they fight dirty! haha

What are you most excited about right now?
even if i say im not, im really excited about my birthday! which coincidentally is july 4th as well! its always a great mid-summer break! i really have no plans as of right now, but i know that there will be cake (or cupcakes) and fireworks!!

What was your favorite TV show as a child?
dumbo's circus. my mom told me the other day that i had to watch it daily. or else!

What message would you want to put into a fortune cookie?
"never give up hope.. just because one door doesn't open doesn't mean there isn't another hallway full of opportunities"

If you could be invited to one person's birthday party, who would you choose?
hmm.. this is a hard one!! lets go with this... katyperry.chelseahandler.danecook.johnmayer. is that one word?

Do you believe in LUCK?
i believe in luck, serendipitous moments, karma, and timing.

ugh, whatever.

lets throw this out there again. this is my blog. the thoughts, opinions, rants, ideas, and stories are all mine. if you disagree with something, thats your opinion. and im fine with it. my life is my own. im about to be 25, graduated high school and college with a few hiccups along the way. i have an amazing family, a great boyfriend, 2 awesome dogs, a townhouse that is totally me and great health... except for the sunburn from 2 weeks ago that im nursing back to health. i am where i am today because of the decisions i have made, and if you have a problem with that, you should probably be paying more attention to you life than mine. im not making you read my blogs, and from time to time i am probably going to say something controversial, or that you disagree with, and thats okay. thats the beauty of blogging and free speech. we are all given this beautiful right to say what we want, when we want, and no one has to listen, or agree with you. the end.

moving on...

how about the USA men's soccer team?! they won today against algeria in the last possible moments! landon donovan came through with a great goal- it was very exciting to watch! they move on in the world cup.. YAY USA!!

all this world cup has got me remembering the euro cup 2 summers ago.. i was living and studying in spain (where futbol is HUGE) and we were so lucky to experience all the excitement and craziness in madrid as the spanish national team won the cup. it was our last night in spain and i cant think of a better way to end the trip. it is truly something i will never forget.. a por ellos!!

my apologies.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

okay people. i didn't mean to offend anyone. please continue to post your ultrasound/3D/4D Ultrasound photos. just because i think its a little weird, doesn't mean i don't want you to stop sharing this wonderful and exciting time in your life with everyone. please accept my apology, and i dont think anyones kids are ugly, or aliens, or creepy. technology today allows us to see and know things that 20 years ago we couldn't and its helping families and children out tremendously. i wish everyone a happy and safe pregnancy. post away!

Picture Posting FYI

before you read this, YES, i used pictures of both myself and my friends. friends, i did not do this so you would get mad or hate me, i did it because its more fun and personal than googling some poor person on google images. consider this your GBST debut.

today's little lesson is about on-line photo posting etiquette. you know, what you should share and what you should keep to yourself. now, im not an online editor of any sort, or the online photo police, but there are some recent posting occurrences that have made me raise my red flag and complain to my girlfriends. now, i also know that once upon a time, before Zeta scoured my facebook photo albums,  i too had some incriminating photos posted. and now that we are all "working" we have all selectively edited our photos as well. here goes.

NEVER (especially if you want to be published in some hoity toity publication.. think Paper City) be photographed with a cup in your hand. Ladies "don't booze", and if your immortalized in print with a big 'ole beer in your hand, well, a photo is worth 1,000 words. use your imagination. And while we are on the drinking topic, the only ones acceptable are wine and champagne, beers at the pool, 21 year old birthdays and appropriate Vegas Bachelorette Pics. you want to look like a responsible drunk anyways.

continued from the alcohol talk, let's speak about glassy eyes, passed out, markered up faces.. people, posting photos of your friends drunk and out of their minds- not cool. i know its fun to take them, but really, leave them in a folder on your desktop. you don't want to be the one responsible for tagging your bff in a sloppy drunk picture and causing them to not get the job or the promotion.

lets talk babies. babies are cute. WHEN THEY ARE BORN. i know that theres this awesome technology now that has 3D and 4D images as well as the old 2D ultrasounds, and that they amazing to look at if your the parents, immediate family, close friends, your personal blog.. but as your facebook photo.. dude, those 3D and 4D inside your belly, unborn child photos are CREEPY. the end. belly and pregnancy photos are adorable.. keep those coming, but lets keep a minimum on the creepy alien baby photos, k?(disclaimer: i have not been and am not pregnant, so my views on this may very well change when i decide to start a family, then, yes, i very well may become one of these creepy picture posters that i dont particularly like.) (image via google images.. i figured i'd protect the rights of my friends kids).

thats it for today. there very may be a part 2... stay tuned!

blah day.

Monday, June 21, 2010

just a few things today.

it takes me an average 10 minutes to blow dry my hair. what in the world! thats over an hour a week just standing in front of the mirror just drying my hair. ridiculous!

(while watching the bachelorette tonight...) chris harrison just called ali out big time. she's almost positive she will fall in love. errr. wrong answer. they should have picked tenley.

what is the obsession with vampires? did i miss the boat? i dont get it. nothing (ok, besides true bood) is that appealing to me. and all the knockoff shows? spare me.

and today i've been up and down. some cool things are happening in my life, and i still have friends that arent being supportive. its really hard for me to act happy when people in my life are still giving me a hard time. im always supportive to all my friends, wether or not they know it and it would be genuinely appreciated if everyone could, just for a day, be supportive of me and know that im giving 110% in every aspect of my life.

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