Easter Weekend 2014

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Since this was our first real holiday as a family, we decided to make the whole weekend a fun one! 

We took Beckett to get his photos with the Easter Bunny on Wednesday. He was so good! 
Since CL had Good Friday off, we decided to take advantage of a free day and nice weather and head to Half Moon Bay for the day! We had never been and since the traffic to Santa Cruz was a few minutes heavier then the traffic to Half Moon Bay, we decided to go somewhere new!

We stopped for a long, leisurely lunch at Half Moon Bay Brewing Company. CL and I shared a half dozen oysters and a couple of beers over lunch. While the view and food were great, the service was terrible. Next time we are going to try Sam's Chowder House.
  After lunch and a diaper change and comical feeding in the backseat of the car, we headed to Maverick's Beach for the afternoon. Mavericks is located on Pillar Point Air Force Station and is known for it's Surf Competition and HUGE surf break. In the winter we are talking 25-80 foot surf. 
We took a nice walk and hung out on the beach and just relaxed. It was Beckett's first trip to the beach and even though he basically napped the entire time, I hope his love for the ocean parallels mine. Fresh air, sunshine and the sand between your toes- there is no better feeling!
    Saturday we took it easy since we had such a big Friday. We headed to Ikea to pick up a rug, dresser, and lamp for Beckett's room, then off to the mall for lunch and to pick up a new pair of shoes for CL.
The Easter Bunny came and dropped off the most adorable Easter Basket for Beckett! My mom ordered a Peter Rabbit Basket liner from Pottery Barn Kids and I just love it! The plaid one's they had for boys all looked like men's boxers and I adore Peter Rabbit so it was a perfect buy! She also sent a bunch of  Dr. Seuss, Sandra Boyton and other adorable books, a Peter Rabbit teething toy, fun eggs, bunny ears and the most hilarious pair of hipster bunny glasses for his basket! My in-laws sent him his first Easter bib and CL and I got him a pair of Babiators and a bath toy. 
how boss is this pic of my guys?! LOVE.
the shoes that he's wearing were mine.. and then my brothers.. and now his!
     We had a nice late breakfast and a beautiful dinner. Cl even used his meat slicer for the first time since we got it as a wedding gift almost 2 years ago! ha!
  It was definitely a great weekend! Hope you and your family had a beautiful Easter weekend!
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Finish This

Thursday, April 10, 2014

I'm Linking up with these ladies (Nicole {Three 31Lisa {The Coastal Chicster}and Becky {The Java Mama} Jen {The Arizona Russums}) for a weekly series called Finish This. 
On Saturday morning I usually... indulge in a nice big breakfast. Sunday too. we are talking bacon, eggs, pancakes and a cup or two of coffee. cinnamon rolls if i'm lucky.
I feel beautiful when... i'm holding my son. no make up, dirty hair, spit up on pajamas. he makes me so proud to be his mama.
from st. patricks day. im showered and clean here ;)
I wake up every morning...tired. There's no beating around that one. With a 2 month old, and breastfeeding through the night, its no wonder i'm a little groggy at 6-7 am. I perk up around 10am.
A happy home... is one full of laughter. smiles and giggles make the world go 'round.
When I have down time, I... take a nap, do some laundry or the dishes, and read trashy gossip online (Im partial to the Daily Mail!) 
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Two Months.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

We've hit the two month mark! Woo! Beckett is getting bigger and bigger and his personality is coming out more and more. I just love it!

Stats: Our big boy is growing by leaps and bounds. In fact, our doctor called him robust yesterday! He's 24 inches tall (90th percentile!) and weighs in at 13 pounds 5.5 ounces (75th percentile). His baby acne has gone away, hooray!, and his porcelain skin is smoother than, well, a  baby's bottom! His big bright eyes are holding their blue color, and his hair is a dirty blonde. It still has a hint of auburn every now and then, but it's lightened up tremendously. He's looking more and more like a baby boy then an infant. We joke around that he ate the baby because he's such a big boy now! We are now wearing size 3 month clothes although the pants seem to be a little big still. He's still wearing size 1 diapers, but I think once we are out of this box of 1s we are going to have to move up to size 2!
Food: He's still a great eater and still exclusively breast feeding. He's on a very loose schedule but eats up to 8 times a day, every 3 hours + or - a few. We are working on getting him on a bottle but he hasn't quite gotten that whole thing down just yet. He still burps on queue, but has started spitting up a little every now and then. When we try a bottle we use a bib because it goes everywhere. I haven't been pumping as much as I should (or at all really) but im starting to get a little better about it so that I can take some feedings off.
   Sleep: Boy does this kid like to sleep. We are really lucky. He has slept through the night 2x now and it was awesome. He takes a morning nap around 9a-12p, usually a short nap around 1-2pm then a long nap in the afternoon from 3-5ish. Bathtime is at 7pm followed by a feeding and a 'nap', then he gets fed again before bed around 10-11pm. If we are lucky he will sleep from 11p-5am, then gets up again then goes to sleep again til 7ish. He will literally sleep through anything and enjoys the sound of the blow dryer. He will still fall asleep in his momaroo for hours or on the bed in his boppy lounger. He still isn't a swaddler, just a blanket tucked in. We are trying to get him to nap in his bassinet in his room, then he sleeps in his bassinet in our room at night (for now). He will still cuddle on our chests, but those naps are now few and far between.

Awake Time: Mr. B is still very alert when he's awake. He's starting to really grasp onto things and is more aware of his surroundings. He is really strong and can hold himself up when on his stomach during tummy time. He is more engaged when we talk to him and when we 'play' with him. He still loves his bath time too, its so fun seeing him enjoy being in the water!
  Personality: Oh this little boy has us completely wrapped around his finger. He knows if he screams/cries
that we will pick him up, and when we do, he smiles. He is starting to get more and more animated every day. He will coo and smile at you if you smile at him. He's starting to repeat sounds
Firsts & Milestones: Oh the smiles. and the giggling. and the 'talking'. A happy smiling, giggling baby is by far the best thing in the world. He is so full of joy. He also can fit his fist in his mouth because he's into sucking on everything and drooling everywhere (ha!). He also learned to make and blow bubbles. Its adorable but gets drool everywhere! He had his first trip into the city for brunch and got to eat in public (oy). He also went to San Pedro Square (twice!) the mall, Ikea, a few dinner dates out, had lunch at a country club with all my co-workers and boss, celebrated St. Patrick's Day, and helped us move into our new apartment! Oh and more facetime! He's getting better about actually looking at the screen!
Nicknames: Mr. B, Beckett Bear, bebe, baba, buddy, lil chubbs
We love you more and more every day Beckett. We enjoy every second you are here with us and can't imagine life without you! xoxo
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