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  1. Hello, (sorry for the repeat, just making sure)

    I am coordinating the design of a Health & Wellness course for Arkansas students in partnership with the Arkansas Department of Education. These sessions are located in a learning management system that is password protected for a narrow audience As the course is titled “Health & Wellness”, we would like to include a picture from your site located here:

    We would like to use the resource for teaching purposes only because we feel that this would be a great graphic at the beginning of this course/module to inspire students as they prepare to meet their Health & Wellness needs as a part of this course. However, out of professional courtesy and to be on the safe side, we wanted to extend an official request to use this resource for our students. Thank you for the consideration and we look forward to your response.
    We appreciate all you do for education!

    Gerard Newsom

    Digital Learning Support Specialist


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