Friday, February 25, 2011

i had hoped this was the start of good things to come. i got an interview, it went wonderfully. i got a call back for a second.. and then the kiss of death. 'there are three of you.. one of which has previously worked with us before.' there goes my chance. i know they probably have to post and interview, but it's just so disheartening to hear those words. 

this one was close. a very close one. i felt good that i got the 2nd interview, but didn't get the position. i need to keep positive- at least I got an interview, right? it was merely a rehearsal for the big thing that (hopefully) will be soon! hopefully something else will come up soon...!

the only thing keeping me from tears is that CL (finally) let me add 'Newlyweds:Nick & Jessica' on netflix and the first dvd came in today. i forgot how much i love jessica simpson. she really is adorable!

we have a friend in town this weekend, and the weather is gorgeous! i hope that because we are going to be so busy that it will keep my mind off the job situation.. ugh.

hope you all have a great weekend!

i can't make this stuff up.

Monday, February 21, 2011

you know when your sitting there, laughing 20 minutes later because there is no real way that that just happened? yea, i do that a lot. thats where this story about our drive back to austin last night comes in.

first, i'll preface the story by saying that for christmas CL had recieved some of those party poppers (you know those little bottle things with streamers and confetti in them? you pull the string and POP!) and they had been in the tahoe for months. he had cleaned his car out and thought he had removed all of them. apparently not.
(via google images)

we were driving back to austin and had stopped in columbus for food and bathroom break. we get back on the road and the dogs are quietly hanging out in the back seat.. all of a sudden we hear POW! like a gun shot. i was like wtf was that?! CL shook his head and said "is there confetti everywhere?" i almost died. apparently bailey had found a party popper in the backseat and had chewed it enough to fire the spark and pop the bottle (thank God is wasn't aimed inside her mouth!). and yes there was confetti everywhere. molly, who is really gun shy was scared stiff (no lie, she didn't move for an hour) and bailey, who is a little more adventurous sat under molly on the floor. she didn't know what that was, or what happened. after we checked bailey for any damage (CL was worried about her hearing, but then i reminded him she only has selective hearing regardless), we just laughed. and laughed. and laughed. CL yelled "Happy New Year" and i just sat there, in the passenger seat giggling. 

only my dogs would start a party in the back seat.
 i can't make this stuff up.

BHLDN & Showers!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

so last week i posted about anthropologies new bridal site and on valentines day BHLDN made it's grand debut-- and it did not disappoint. dreamy dresses, beautiful shoes, awesome head pieces.. everything anthro, everything bridal!
here are some of my favs!
(BHLDN pics via BHLDN)

...and now, because they have been sent and the bride has seen them, here are the invites for the bridal shower im throwing MW! instead of going ultra girly, we are going girly chic- pale teal and pinks.. ahh! i can't wait!

she loved them, and i am super excited! i have most of everything done.. just a few menu things, linens, and flowers left! yay!!

Shine Bright.

a while back in october blogged about a ZTA sister from Texas and her journey fighting cancer.  (you can read that post HERE) i've kept up with her blog ever since, and followed her struggle to fight off this horrible disease. with a heavy heart, i am saddened to say that she is, as her husband wrote on her blog, 'transitioning out of this life'. she fought the good fight, and gave us all hope and inspiration. i know now that she will be pain free, but i cannot even imagine what her husband (they married in november) and family are going through right now.please keep them all in your prayers.
(via sweetcaroline photo)
shine bright firefly shine bright.

things that irk me.

i know, another venting post, but i promise this one is all in good fun!
(via weheartit)
  • our dogs are spoiled and won't eat their food unless there is olive oil drizzled on top of it. do you know how much olive oil costs?! for dogs?! we started when it was really dry out and they had itchy skin, and now they just are picky and won't eat unless there is some oily goodness on their food. UGH. dogs...
  • people who "HATE" valentines day. i know i was once guilty of saying it, but now, come on. Even if you don't have a valentine, make the most of it-- go out with your girlfriends, pamper yourself.. prove to the world that your not lonely and bitter. Because when your begging for a day where you can freely wear red, pink, hearts and anything girly to be over, you sound lonely and bitter.
  • along with valentines day, in MY OPINION, when your guy buys you a rose for every year, unless its been 12 years, your guy is cheap. i know its sentimental, but unless its a dozen for every year, tell your man to put his big boy pants on and get you at least a dozen roses-- plus one for every year. a measley 2 roses in a bunch of baby's breath and greenery looks a little naked, no?
  • the month of february. i never knew how much i disliked this month until yesterday while talking to MW. everyone has been super sick, the weather (although i loved the snow) sucks, and with the general drama going on, this month can suck it.
  • i loathe the hair salon. i have a massively thick head of hair and when i need to get it highlighted, it takes forever. a new salon opened on soco, and everything was 1/2 off so i decided that was reason enough to get a trim and some highlights. i knew the price of highlights and the price of the cut, but when i got the bill and it was $126 i almost threw up. um $126- HALF OFF? wtf did you shampoo my hair with? gold?! when i asked why it was so expensive they were like well we did this treatment and this treatment, and blah blah blah-- um no one asked me if i wanted that, nor do i want to pay for it. SO annoying. my hair looks fab, but for that price (or the real price $252) i won't be going back.
  • back to the hair thing, i forgot to mention i didn't even want to trim my hair, but they make you feel so damn guilty about how bad your "split ends" are and how it will grow faster, that i caved. it had been almost a year since i've cute it, but still. i don't need your guilt!

lots of love today!

Monday, February 14, 2011

hope you all are enjoying your valentines day! it's not my favorite holiday, but i always feel so loved! we are celebrating in tonight- nothing fancy, just CL and I (and the pups!)

happy valentines day!

fun with sugar cookies.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

this is probably the first time in 5 years i haven't decorated for valentines day. i usually muster up enough courage to drag out the pink and red festive decorations, but this year i haven't been feelin' it. not that i don't feel loved, in fact i feel most loved, i think im just lazy. and because i know that in a few days i'll have to clean up, change gears, and get out the st. patricks day stuff, and to be honest, im not really feeling that either. although, i just consulted with CL and since we have guests, i may just change my mind!

since we didn't decorate, and i felt a little guilty, i decided we should decorate what seemed to be 100 sugar cookies. i love playing with royal icing, and last night didn't disappoint. CL even got in on the fun!

 yes. there is a cookie that says 'poop'. boys are ridiculous.

 my fav.

 CLs fav.

and don't worry. we aren't going to eat them all. CL is going to take a bunch to work on Monday!


Friday, February 11, 2011

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high school never ends.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

 (via weheartit)
seriously. i am constantly reminded that the drama never goes away. it grows up a little, but under the nicer make-up, and designer clothes, the bitchy-ness is still there. girls are just bitches. there is no getting around that. and the more girls you have together, the more it gets blown up.

and my favorite part? i find it hilarious. just shows you who can grow up and move on with their lives, and who still lives in their hometown meddling in the same ole BS. (im sure i'll get flack for that now too) i know this all too well, as it is usually I who is the outsider-- i don't live in the area-- and i have an opinion-- and it usually gets me in trouble. it's happened before, it will happen again, and there is really no reason for it. i usually avoid interaction with people i don't like, or get along with, but because i am a good friend, i can and will tolerate the crap that im sure i will have to endure. at the end of the day, its all about the beautiful red head in a white dress and i am SO excited to share this time with her. if it wasn't for her, i'd seriously say to hell with it, but im better than that, and she's worth it. but have no fear, i am seriously washing my hands of all this soon- i will hold my tongue, smile and be myself, and when its over and done with, i will happily march my happy ass back to austin and continue enjoying my life.

can i get an amen?

SIT. STAY. love.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

as a designer, we all have our obsessions. one of mine? chairs. i can't get enough of them! here are a few that are currently making my heart go pitter patter!

the queen of love chair by acerbis at IF+D Austin

Bubble Chair at Kelly Hoppen

lui 6/a by fratelli boffi

shelley chair by strictly design

it's coming.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

i know its really hard not to love all things anthropologie.. the girly dresses, the dreamy decor.. and now this. WEDDINGS.

anthro will lauch BHLDN (beholden) on valentines day, and i cannot wait!
i may not be planning a wedding any time soon, but i can't wait to see what they have! ahh!

oh bother.

Monday, February 7, 2011

i never thought my life would be like this. full of so much uncertainty and confusion. i never thought i'd be a college grad that is basically unemployed (i work very part time hours- that i am NOT complaining about, its something!) i never thought that being an adult came with this having so many ups and downs. that's something they don't teach you in school.

i never believed that its all in who you know. i always assumed that hard work, dedication, and perseverance would hook me up with a stellar paycheck, but i've been so wrong. did i choose the wrong major? should i have studied something i hated that would get me a job instead of doing something that i think im good at and enjoy? it seems like i can't even remember the last time i did anything that i was proud of that i was compensated for. i write for free. i work for almost free.sure a pat on the back is nice, but so are a pair of new shoes. or a hair cut. or .. well you get the picture.
(via weheartit)

i meet people all the time. no one can help. or no one wants to help.every time an opportunity arises i get so amped up. maybe this is MY time. so and so just got promoted, so and so just got a new job, and so and so just got a new job too. WHERE IS MY TIME? haven't i been patient enough? im smart, quick on my feet, and can do just about anything. but no one is giving me a chance. and it sucks. i can't get hired at Target (they have turned me down more than once) and i can't get hired at a "real" job because i don't have enough experience BECAUSE NO ONE WILL HIRE ME TO GET EXPERIENCE. i've applied for over 400 jobs in the last year and a half. guess how many interviews i've been on. 3. THREE. are you kidding me?! its a sick, vicious circle. will i ever escape?

and i know in my heart i would rather do something that i love and barely get by than to do something i hate and have money in the bank. i just feel that im wasting my time, my youth, and my nerves. i should be out being dumb and spending my money on clothes, and vacations, and alcohol. but im not. i can't. and i hate it.

am i the only one?

snow daze.

ooh my 200th post. how exciting!

now for a little catching up!

last week was crazy! along with our usual business, my mom came into town on tuesday afternoon- she had an interview (fingers crossed!) and was staying the night with us. we were experiencing a cold spell in austin, which was nice, and fun getting all bundled up! she was leaving early the next morning around the same time CL gets up and we all woke up freezing. in the dark. and with NO electricity. it seriously must have been 50 degrees or colder inside.

the entire neighborhood was out and from what we could tell was that it was SO cold the night before that the elec went out-- but no. We were experiencing the 'rolling blackouts' that ERCOT had planned and FORGOT to tell us about. it was awful! no light is one thing, but no heat when it's freezing outside is totally different. throughout the morning and early afternoon the whole state was supposed to have rolling blackouts-- except for our neighborhood. we had a total of about 30 minutes of electricity until they called off the "rolling" blackouts-- meaning we did not have heat or electricity from 3:30am-2:40pm. AWFUL.

we continued to have cold weather, and even got snow! it was SO pretty. dangerous, but pretty. the night before it snowed, it froze, so beneath all the pretty white snow was a pretty thick layer of ice. luckily for CL and I he didnt have to be in to work til after it had all melted and he was even able to work from home for a little. 

all the snow of course melted and seems like a lifetime ago, but it was fun while it lasted! did you have any winter weather?

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