wedding wednesday!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

it's been a while since i've updated anyone on our wedding plans, partially because we didn't have any for a while and well surprise! we have wedding plans now!!

we have a date!
and a venue!
and a wedding party!
and a wedding coordinator!
and a photographer! (well almost, just need to sign the contract!)
and a photobooth! (well almost, just need to sign the contract!)
and a rehearsal dinner venue!
and a guest list!
and a officiant!
and registries!
and a website! (its not live yet, we are still waiting on one straggler bridesmaid, and to  finish our registry 110% !)
and a graphic designer working on our custom logo!

i almost have the bridesmaids dresses piced out, and i've looked at dresses, and found one that could be the ONE, but im waiting til october to make the final decision! we have an overall feel for what the wedding is going to look like, vintage, romantic, with a dash of modern! think lots of candles, light colors, and a bold pattern!

i am SO excited that it's all coming together slowly! the date and venue was seriously the hardest part, but now everything seems to be falling into place!

whats in a day?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

whats in a day? you know those 24 hour stamped out periods of time we are supposed to be living in? lately i've been looking for ways to occupy my time, and I know you all are desperately wanting to know what i do all day, so here's a peak into my life.
one day at a time.
I get up first around 7:30am when CL leaves for work, but sleep in for another 30 mins or so.
I get up for real around 8am and quickly run the dogs before running out the door for bootcamp at 8:20am... that lasts about an hour. i go to camp gladiator and its amazing. the girl who won american gladiator when they brought it back runs the camp. she was also my quaterback for BvB! anways, CG for life!
when i get home I run the dogs for 30 mins of so. sometimes i just leave them in the backyard while i do my yoga DVD to stretch out after camp. its been proven (in my case) to calm me down, and keep me from being ridiculously sore. 
here comes the exciting part. i spend the rest of my day doing odds and ends. laundry, dishes, cleaning, organizing. i usually apply and look for jobs for 3-4 hours (a day) before becoming completely frustrated with the job market. Looking for full time employment is like having a full time job. 
sometimes i have magazine work to do. thats always a nice change of scenery. Going to interview people, researching projects, looking for projects, its a lot, but its a lot of fun. 

sometimes i have CAD work. thats fun too. i actually miss doing tedious drawings. it was always something i enjoyed and excelled at in school. 

i'll usually run the dogs a couple more times sporadically throughout the day. i try and get all their energy out because the moment they get a little too much energy stored in their little bodies, our house becomes a play place! no so nice!
CL gets home around 5:30pm or so and we hang out and talk about his day. not mine. i dont do anything worth chatting about! I'll make dinner and we sometimes will go for a walk, or i'll do my 30day shred workout video. We will watch TV or a movie before walking the dogs, again, and head to bed.
see i told you. exciting stuff.
what do you do all day?

(all photos via weheartit)

sunday funday.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

sundays may be my favorite day of the week. especially since this weekend we did all our chores on saturday (which completely screwed CL up. he thought saturday was sunday all day!)

saturday we ran a ton of errands (goodbye broken toilet) and met up with our best man for a couple of beers and to catch up. we grilled steaks for dinner and enjoyed our night in. (i LOVE nights in!)

our actual sunday was perfection.. sleeping in, hanging out in the house watching the amazing womens world soccer finals (sad they didn't win) and snowcones! yes, i finally got a snowcone! there's a little place by the house and it was delish! 
we even had breakfast for dinner, because on sundays, thats allowed! eggs, bacon, and cinnamon/vanilla pancakes! hey its my cheat day. im allowed!

summertime tunes. version 2011.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

i feel like every summer has a soundtrack. here's mine. and don't judge my crappy taste in music. i don't judge yours!

last friday night (tgif) 
by katy perry
if you love 80s movies (i do) and 90s teen sensations/ sax players, and burnouts, you have to watch this video. its adorable. and talk about cameos- Darren criss, kevin mchale, rebecca black (FRIDAY
!), kenny G, debbie gibson, corey feldman and hanson?! i die!

tonight tonight
by hot chelle rae

light, carefree, and cute boys? yes please! this is definitely a top down song!

knee deep
by zac brown band featuring jimmy buffett

does this even need an explanation??

party rock anthem
by LMFAO featuring lauren bennett and goonrock

every day im shufflin'.
the neon. the hair. the "fashion" the fun. i love that these guys are making a living partying. i can't say im not a little jealous.

moves like jagger (the voice performance)
maroon5 and christina aguilera

i never watched the voice, but im totally loving this song. and of course adam levine. swoon!

and yes. i will probably be single after CL reads this!

things i realized today.

Monday, July 11, 2011

while everyone knows i have quite a bit of time on my hands, you would think i would take a moment or two to reflect on things-- but i dont. i found myself relaxing today while i was waiting for CL to get home for work and i let my mind wander. and this is what i realized today. nothing too exciting, just strange little eccentricities that i learned about myself.
(via weheartit)
i've never dated a blonde. im not racist against them (hello, im a blondie!) i guess im just not attracted to them? and every ex-boyfriend and my future husband have brown hair and blue (green or light colored) eyes. i guess there such a thing as a 'type' haha.

i more often than not let people take advantage of me. its kind of sad/pathetic but it's true. i give and do a lot and get next to nothing (if anything) in return.

i only have a handful of good girlfriends. and im totally okay with that.
CL and I have been working on our guest list for our wedding and i actually had to stop and think of people (other than my close group of friends) that i would want there. and other than the 'a' crowd, i really don't want or need them there. its going to be a small, select group and i LOVE it that way.

i take EVERYTHING personally. everything. when i get a 'thanks but no thanks' letter from a job application, when i get cut off on the road, when i get overlooked for a job well done, i take it personally.

and yes. i know that picture has zero to do with this post, but doesn't that look delightful?

...and im back!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

i've actually not gone anywhere, and haven't actually been gone. i've just been busy. like insanely busy. and i've had a bad case of writers block. and its been roughly three weeks since i've posted anything.

since there hasn't been anything too exciting going on, i'll leave you with some pics from the 4th of July/ My 26th Birthday/ My Moms Birthday Weekend!
we went to canyon lake for a few days and it was glorious! (thanks mom!)

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