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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

tomorrow marks 1 month since i last posted. i know, how rude.

but alas, i have a few spare minutes before jetting off again, so i am using my time wisely and updating you all on whats been going on!

i don't even know where to start... lets see...
-we got a new car! CL LOVES his new ride. it's pretty legit.  

-we celebrated valentines day.
it was a very pinterest valentines day!

100 calorie strawberry cupcakes? don't mind if i do!

-it snowed?


-we celebrated a birthday!


-I GOT A JOB. yes, a real job! im officially designing for california closets of the texas hill country and i couldn't be more excited! CL was super supportive of my interview process, and he and carmen kept a great secret! they were the only ones who know i was even interviewing! well and my brother, but i told him about it on the way to my last interview. my mom/grandparents/dad were all pleasantly surprised when i shared the news!

he didn't quite get the quote, but it made me feel so special heading into my final interview! thanks babe!

-i got to try on my wedding dress! (psh, like i'd really post a pic of my dress! haha)

-i've been getting to hang out with my friends again. its nice having a little (financial) freedom!

with my little at a texas stars hockey game! so fun!!
Austin ZTA Alum do painting with a twist!

-CL went on and survived his bachelor party. 4 days in vegas with 13+ guys... you can only imagine...

you guys ready to let the dogs out?

-i've lost 20 something lbs. go me!

jeez. is that all? i think so!
i'll be back more regularly now that i have a real schedule and exciting things to share! like bridal showers! ahh! 66 days to go!!

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