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Friday, June 18, 2010

ugh. so i just need to get some stuff of my chest.. nothing life altering, just some things that make me cock my head and go 'hmm.. really?'

1-doesn't lady gaga every just want to put on a pair of jeans, a v-neck, and some cons? that dressing gig she's got going on has got to get old. 90% of the time she doesn't even have pants on!

2- if california is all that great (don't get me wrong, i love cali- my bff carmen lives in san fran!) why are millions of californians flocking to texas?! we are literally inundated with californians. i mean, i know texas is bad ass, but no only are they buying all the property left here, but they're taking all our jobs. GO HOME.

3- if your over 30 and talking smack on facebook, you should probably hire a trainer, lose some weight, invest in some anti-shine powder or lotion, learn to smile and embrace your same sex lifestyle... just sayin'.

4- CL snores. loudly. if i dont fall asleep before him, odds are im not sleeping for a while. last night, he kept me up til about 3am. what bothers me is that his snoring NEVER wakes him up but when the dogs scratch, he can hear that and when i FINALLY fall asleep he starts yelling at the dogs. will i ever get some sleep??

5- what do they make the white soccer uniforms out of? these guys are rolling allllll over the grass and there are NO grass stains. unless the grass is fake. who knows. regardless, if it is real grass, im sure there is a slew of moms over in the states that would LOVE to get a hold on that fabric.


  1. Amy lived in L.A. before moving to Austin.

  2. Texas is cheaper!! MUCH cheaper! :o) I would love to swap houses with one of those Californians for a month or so though! That would be sweeeet!
    Oh, invest in ear plugs! They work like a dream!

  3. yes, but while amy lived in LA, shes not from cali.. and she's kickass, so she's excused!

    and no, earplugs are no match for CL!! lol


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