holiday update.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

i know i am "late" posting fun, decorative christmas photos, so here ya go!

the sunday after thanksgiving, CL and I stopped in elgin for our 2nd annual cut-your-own-christmas tree adventure! we had the dogs this year, so it was a little more complicated, but fun none the less. our tree this year is HUGE! i love it. except for the fact that i think we are all allergic to either the tree, something they put on the tree, or a combination of both.

molly was exhausted after all that tree business!

we also went a little overboard with the lights this year, but hell, they are so pretty!

our new wreath, that i made myself!

and (im not really sure what to call this) i made this too!

the cutest dogs in all the land! in their christmas bows. im not allowed to put christmas sweaters on them after last years debacle.

my ornament i made for the ASID christmas party! i won 3rd place!

and of course yummy holiday treats!

 and last but certainly not least.. the best holiday sparkly shoes, ever! they make me SO happy. (wait til you see the heels i got too!!)


  1. I want one of those cute wreathes! You're so talented!!!

  2. I'm allergic to Christmas trees, so I always have to have a fake one. It is so not fun!! I love the way real ones smell!!


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