im no expert. and neither are you.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

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unless you are a specialist and have studied, done extensive research, and live and breath a subject, your not an expert on anything. so why do people think just because they have done something ONE TIME that they are the foremost expert on the subject? 
for example:
  • just because you are married doesn't make you an expert on marriage.
  • just because you sold one home doesn't mean your an expert in real estate.
  • just because you birthed one child does not make you an expert in everything birth/pregnancy/child related.
  • just because you sold something once does not make you a sales expert.
  • just because you have a well trained dog doesn't mean your the dog whisperer.
  • just because your fit and healthy doesn't make you THE health guru.
  • just because you bought a fancy camera does NOT make you a well known photographer.
and on and on and on.
i get that you may have done something and it caused a strong connection and you may be good at it, but don't get all 'i should write a book on this' on us. while we may think you are talented, don't quit your day job.  im just sayin'.

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