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Thursday, September 8, 2011

geez it's been a while. i've been so consumed with just about everything, that i haven't had a moment to sit down, and pound out a few sentences!

between everything else going on, molly went in for surgery on tuesday for her ovariohysterectomy (aka spay) and hernia repair. i went to drop her off and barely made it out of the vet's office before losing it. if dropping your pet off for surgery is anything like dropping your first born off at school for the first time, im going to have a serious breakdown at pre-k. it was so sad. just waving to her goodbye, knowing she had NO idea what i had just left here there for!

anyways, all went well, and CL and I picked up a very mad, groggy molly that afternoon, and we have been taking special care of her since. i just can't wait 'til we have to take her to get her stitches out. geez.

lets see.. oh Im an AUNT! (well not technically (not until we are officially married!) but CLs sister had her baby! gwen christine was born friday, september 2, at 8:51pm. she was 9lbs, 1.2 oz., and 21.25". Once we go see her (i can't wait!) i may post a pic or two! it was an exciting evening.. the baby was born, AND baylor beat rose bowl champs TCU in a very exciting football game. 

i may or may not have some VERY exciting news, but in the mean time, think happy, positive thoughts!

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