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Monday, April 12, 2010

so i took the weekend off from blogging. i know, i know, you all were probably dying of boredom. my apologies. it was a pretty busy, jam packed weekend though... we started the weekend off friday night by staying in and watching the astros game. big loss. i was running around the house trying to make sure everything was good to go before i left for the job fair in the morning. saturday morning i headed over to one of the high schools for a teaching job fair. holy moly. it looked as if it was the state championship football game. the parking lot was PACKED. thank goodness i arrived early and got a spot in the parking lot, unlike many others who were frantically trying to find parking anywhere. so i had never been to a job fair, and now i know why. it was a mess. there were hundreds of people there. in a high school gym. with no air conditioning. in heels. im guessing it is as close to hell as one can get. standing in line, after line, after line to talk to someone for .5 seconds while they toss your resume in an enormous pile. SOMEONE PLEASE HIRE ME.

after the fair, i met CL for my 'day off food'. i was in such a foul mood i begged for a soda. sorry mom, i caved. that evening, my sweet cousin nadia was in town for a UIL conference at UT, so we got to take her out on the town! we tried taking her and her friend alex to hula hut, but it was SO packed there wasnt even amy buzzers left. now, no offense to hula hut, but the food isnt that great- its the lake that draws people in.. and it wasnt even that nice out! grrr. so we took them to moonshine instead. yum. then off to waterloo records to look around, and amy's ice cream before we had to have the girls back at 11. it was so fun to have them in town.

sunday we went to church, brunch, watched the masters (pretty boring to me, but it was kind of fun watching tiger play so badly) and off to the gym. congrats are indeed due to phil mickelson.. for his 3rd masters win. i have SO much laundry and cleaning to do today that even though i've made a list, im overwhelmed. monday has officially become the day of the week i loathe the most. theres piles of laundry backed up for miles. theres dishes in the sink. and the house is usually upside down.  dancing with the stars is on tonight and im going home for 5 days on wednesday! yay!!

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  1. Omg, what job fair did you go to? I went to the Pearland ISD one, and it was a TOTAL freaking mess! Terrible. Crossing my fingers I get a job, I think that the economy is forcing people to turn to teaching, which has totally saturated the market -- stinks. Good luck! What type of teaching job are you looking for?


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