did i do that?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

so today is CL's day off so we spent the better half of the afternoon running errands and hanging out at the house. we decided to go work out early so we could have the evening free.. awesome idea, but im totally paying for it now. 20 minutes on the 'stair-climb' of death will seriously have you hurting. its an awesome workout, but when you have to climb 2 flights of stairs to get to bed, ugh. i can feel my muscles growing, or forming (i think they are growing since i believe they were once there) and it makes me feel good. theres nothing better than a good workout to get you motivated.

for dinner, i decided to try my luck at asian food. potstickers in particular. a girl from baylor has a foodie blog where she cooks and caters out of her tiny kitchen. (check ashlea out HERE!) the recipe seemed easy enough and looked yummy. and it was. with one exception. being 24 and a college graduate, and a member of the human race i SHOULD know not to drop wet, watery dumplings into a hot, oil filed pan. but i didnt. i dropped one potsticker in the pan and it was like oily fireworks. everywhere. thank God we do not have a gas stove, or dinner wouldn't have been the only thing hot and crispy. i couldn't believe i did that. and for a moment, i thought to myself. seriously, did i do that?!  a few oil burns later, and a very bruised ego, dinner was ready, and although it was seriously ugly, it was seriously good.

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