the most awesome 48 hours.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

i've only been back in austin for barely 48 hours and CL has had it jam packed full of fun stuff! he must have really missed me! i got a surprise phone call on Tuesday afternoon and he was like 'we have a date tonight!' and i was like 'ooooookay'... then CL was like i got baseball tickets!! he sure knows me well! he picked me up after work, we stopped by mighty fine and grabbed burgers and sat outside, then went to the dell diamond for the game. we had berm tickets, which for a date, is the best. we shared a blanket on the hill and watched the sun set, and the game of course! the express beat omaha in the 10th inning 1-0.. needless to say we got our moneys worth!

wednesdays as you know are CLs day off, so we decided that we needed to take full advantage of the gorgeous weather and his time off, so we decided to rent a kayak and paddle around town lake! we packed a cooler with our lunch, and headed off to zilker and jumped in! (well into the kayak.. that water is COLD.) we had so much fun and got a little sun.. and no i didnt mean for that to rhyme! can't wait to see what adventure we choose next week!


  1. Don't you just love kayaking!! It is so peaceful! I can't wait to bring my kayaks to Austin and explore!

  2. uhhhh.... I want to kayak!! but no one want to go with me ever!


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