i totally forgot.

Friday, April 9, 2010

i cannot believe i have forgotten to celebrate this. IT'S BASEBALL SEASON Y'ALL! omg. my favorite season of the year. forget college football, mlb baseball is where its at. its america's favorite pastime. there's nothing better than an evening at the ballpark with a hotdog, cold beer, and baseball. it's seriously my all time favorite thing to do. unfortunately i am houston born and bred so my default i am a diehard astros fan. no ones messes with my boys. that's right, they are my boys. i also am super lucky to live really close to dell diamond- home of the round rock express- an astros farm team! its not minute maid, but its still fun! CL works for dell, so with his badge we get super cheap- like $6.50 for a ticket.. and theres a pool and all sorts of fun stuff to do there! anyways, back to my astros (who are losing right now). i believe we have taken over the curse that the red sox broke a few years back. i have a feeling its going to be a while before we have a winning season all the way through. my favorite astro- mr lance berkman- (CLs look-a-like) is still out, which makes me a little nervous since it's so late in his career. and yes, he is indeed molly's namesake. (shes officially molly berkman brem, for real.) rumors have it that he wants to be the baseball coach for the university of texas... which i would be okay with.. hello season tickets. my other favorite is a new york met.. oh david wright. you play 3rd base so well. hip hip hooray, it's baseball season!! play ball!


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