houston recap.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

im baccccck!! yay! while it was SO good to be "home" visiting the family, it was a whirlwind 5 days!! i'll start from the first day and try to hit the high points! let's see... i arrived on wednesday and we went to tokyo bowl.. YUM. if you are in the clear lake area and are hungry for sushi, go there . its AMAZING. thursday was a shopping day.. me and mom spent the majority of the day at the galleria looking at sundresses for all the events i have coming up.. wedding shower, wedding shower, rehearsal dinner, graduations.. may is going to be jam packed! nadia had a play that night, so we quick grabbed a chargrilled chicken sandwich at chick-fil-a and unknown to me, the astros mascot was there!! it was so funny.. he came and sat in the booth with my mom! and he was like picture! picture! then came back like 2 more times and was playing with her hair. it was SO funny! then we headed off to nadia's school for 'a midsummer night's dream'.. all i have to say is that nadia looked and performed beautifully... as for everyone else, maybe learning your lines would help! one poor kid forgot all his lines to the point he had to pull out his line book and READ his lines. it was pretty comical.

friday was mani/pedi day (thank you momadear!) then last minute shopping and preparation for the shower! jad had a baseball game and because i LOVE baseball, it was a must! the weather cleared up, but my allergies were out of control. i could barely breathe! the redwings won (woohoo!) and we went to escalantes to celebrate. SO good. and yes, our lives revolve around food. lol.

saturday was michele's bridal shower tea at the hotel icon (where she is also getting hitched in may!) it was a great time and everyone looked beautiful. michele got a ton of super nice gifts and she's getting more and more excited every second. sunday we had a fitting for our bridesmaid dresses. looks like the working out is paying off! they are having to take in my dress-woo hoo! some of the dresses came in a size or 2 small so i was panicking, but mine was big (thank goodness!) the rest of the weekend was pretty calm. molly really enjoyed herself- she LOVES the big yard.

Sunday afternoon CL's mom finished the MS150 in austin!! his dad, mom, and sis came to the house and had dinner and relaxed. im sad i missed them, but i was still in houston and the weather was bad, so i didnt want to drive. congrats jane! 150 miles is a LOT!!

in other news we are packing up and moving in august. our landlord doesn't want us back. he says his son and his wife need the place back, but i don't buy it. if you knew the whole story, you wouldn't believe it either.  im SO relieved. i can't wait to be in a big home instead of this tiny, overpriced townhouse. i mean, its cute, but not worth the price, or the headache. i've been chatting with a girl from austin city living, and she is going to help us find the perfect place. i can't wait!

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