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Saturday, April 24, 2010

sorry for the lack of posts, but the last 48 hours have been absolutely crazy. thursday afternoon i was cooking sauce and meatballs (heck yes. all homemade) and patiently waiting for CL to get home because we had planned to go see jonathan tyler at antones. i got a call and he was like 'i drove to work today, right?' OH CRAP. so i jump in the car as fast as i could and drove in the rain. yup. CL's truck was stolen. straight from the dell parking lot. great. i get to dell and thankfully the rain stopped, and of course CL is panicked and calling everyone from the cops to his insurance to the bank. dell "security" showed up and took some notes then i took him home to get a copy of his insurance card for the cops. i felt SO bad for him. it had started off such a good day. he won $7 on a lottery ticket, got a check from dell, we were going on a date, then BAM. truck stolen. so he got home and we had a chat about what all was in the truck (his gym backpack with his iPod, his gym card, a nalgene bottle, his northface fleece, the garage door opener, an alabama cup (veronica, im going to need a new one!) books from school, and of course info with our address on it. double crap. time to hike up security. the cops call a few times and CL is like, theres LoJack in the car, but its not registered to me.. would that help?! YES. now the waiting begins. and instead of sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves, i took him out to dinner. apparently pancakes make everything better.

fast forward a few hours. the phone rings. its round rock police. TRUCK WAS FOUND. in south austin in an apartment complex. and thats all we know, but it's enough good news to let us sleep peacefully.

he talks to the cops/tow yard where they took his truck and we find out that it 'looks good' and we can pick it up in the morning because austin pd has a hold on it until round rock pd prints it. around noon, i pick CL up from work thinking we could pick up the truck during his lunch hour. boy were we wrong. we get there and its like kinda bad news after kinda bad news. they took everything but the gate opener and his gym card. the car won't start. the key wont even go in. luckily the tow yard has a locksmith that they deal with so we call and wait. 3 hours wait. i grabbed lunch, and we went furniture shopping aka sitting in comfy chairs in the air conditioning. locksmith arrives and replaces the ignition. truck still wont start. he told us we needed a new electric starter. and we can do it ourselves. CL calls our friend Damon for assistance and the hunt for a starter and tools start. after going to 3 stores we get everything we need and head back to the tow lot and start replacing the starter. its hot. and boom. the car still won't start. luckily damon noticed that there was no lights on, the radio didn't work... the battery is dead. haha. the missing link is the battery! luckily i have jumper cables and voila! truck starts!! hallelujah. the day from hell is over.

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