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Saturday, April 24, 2010

i figured instead of rambling on about something random, i'd let you all know a little about me enjoy!
i enjoy spending my afternoons walking around aimlessly at target, marshalls, big lots... i go with dirty hair, no makeup, running shorts and a big t-shirt and my fancy jewelry and take a nice purse and let people judge me. i rarely ever buy anything, but i can roam for hours.

i have a sweet tooth. big time. i have no idea where it came from and i know its terrible for me, but i love me some gummy bears, chocolate, you name it.

on that note, i LOVE wasabi. with or without sushi. it burns SO good.

i am VERY independent. i'll go to dinner, the movies, wherever, by myself. i think there is a certain confidence in being able to go out alone. i'll be the first to say i can't believe i've been in a relationship for over a year and a half. but i love him and wouldn't have it any other way.

i love the water. beach, lake, river, bath tub. my zodiac sign is the crab (cancer) and just about everywhere you read about them, they are water babies and that is totally me. im SO blessed to live in a city with tons of water around!

i have a few great friends, and a lot of acquaintances and a HUGE loving family. i'd rather have a handful of amazing friends than have a lot of so-so friends. friends are the family you get to choose, so choose wisely.

i go through 'color phases'. lately it has been purple. the color of royalty and nobility :) previous colors have included teal/turquoise, pink, and white.

 i hate moving. seriously. i've moved 7 times in the last 6 years and i'll be moving again in august. i really just want to stay put.

i hate being pale, but im scared of the sun. im very fair skinned and i burn easily the first few times im in the sun. it makes me nervous because i do not want skin cancer. that being said, im an avid sunscreen wearer!

i love being in pictures, but i hate being photographed alone. it makes me feel SO awkward. i'd be a terrible model. 
(photos via weheartit and google images)

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  1. love those joei earrings!! you look marvelous !!


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