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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

for me, the downhill race to summer has officially begun. like 2 weeks ago. its warmer, the sun is out longer, and i can see in 2 months that june is on the calendar. and that means only one thing. the evil swim suit season. most of you who know me know that since college i've been battling the bulge, and its not fun, or is it pretty. this time im serious. this time its for real. or its been serious for the last month and particularly the last few days. i dont want to hide in an enormous one-piece or a tacky-tankini (i have and wear them, but i don't like them.) i want to be proud to be me, and most of all i want to be healthy. and fit. and tan. that being said, CL and I have really been putting in extra effort. no soda, lots of water, healthy foods (and snacks) and working out 1-1 1/2 hours a day. no days off. its not easy, and its not going to be easy, but i have a short term goal (may 28th-ish for michele and eric's wedding and this gorgeous DRESS) and long term (june/july and THIS or THIS.. i can't decide. maybe we will have a poll later!) i don't want to care about the stretch marks, or the jiggly parts that have NEVER been 'skinny'. i just want to be fit and confident.

that said, this is my absolute FAVORITE piece of workout equipment. its called a bosu ball and its fantastic. i don't even think i can name all the workouts you can do with it. it works your core, your abs, your legs-- and with weights, your arms!! it is awesome. i'd totally buy one, but thats one of the main selling points of the gym (we go to lifetime- its awesome!!). CL has been there for me and pushing me hard and holding me accountable every step of the way. he will probably loose twice as much weight in half the time. ugh, men. if i could only get him to jog with me. if i can swim laps for him (which is totally a great workout!) he should be able to jog with me. but apparently he has "bad" knees. its always something ;)

ok, enough talk about working out. (DWTS Spoiler if you haven't seen it!) Buzz was booted off tonight. i was actually sad to see him go, even though i knew his dancing days were limited. im still trying to figure out who in the world is voting for kate gosselin?!? at least buzz is entertaining to watch and his wife, although she's had too much plastic surgery, is too cute. kate is SO awkward. ugh, i can't say that enough. maybe next week!!

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