Tuesday, April 6, 2010

So i totally forgot to post yesterday, but nothing really spectacular happened, so that is probably why. i went to target to buy a birthday card and to waste some time before CL came home for lunch, but thats basically it.  and because i forgot to yesterday, i will post some pics of the easter egg party hats and CLs yummy easter meal. it was DELISH. and yes, were still eating the lamb for leftovers. it just keeps getting better and better.

did anyone catch 'dancing with the stars' last night? it is me or is it getting harder to watch? poor kate gosselin. she has zero rhythm. none. i literally cannot watch her dance. i still like nicole and evan, but we will see! and poor erin andrews (who is a ZETA)! she's been getting death threats for like the last week. good thing ABC is on top of things, and the FBI supposedly has a suspect and is all over it. 

today im off to get my resume's printed (aka buy ink and print them at home) and to get my portfolio ready for a job fair on saturday for teaching jobs! im really nervous, but excited. i have NO idea what to expect, so wish me luck!

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  1. I had no idea Erin Andrews is a Zeta!! Wooo!


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