i won the lottery!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

i wish! i am NO good at april fools pranks, BUT i figured i'd at least try and fool you! haha. the only thing CL and i could come up with to fool everyone was to tell them we were engaged/ married/ pregnant, and when we thought about it, we decided that it would be pretty mean. so no, sadly i didnt win the lottery and we are not engaged/ married/ and or expecting!

so this whole TeXes testing bit really has me in knots. i originally had decided to take the generalist 4-8th grades exam. then i saw the math, and freaked out. so then i thought, hey i could change exams to ec-6 and not have to do math... but me being me, i cant quit what i have started and decided to buckle down and take the original exam. i got a new study guide and some help (apparently CL is good at math, yay) and bought some time.. i only changed the date im taking the test. it really wouldn't matter because all the job fairs are all the way through june, so as long as its done by may- woo hoo!! so keep thinking the good math thoughts!!

nothing else exciting happened today. i went to my mentoring session at the elementary school- my mentee is too cute!, had lunch with CL and paid bills. april is a pretty quiet month, and im really kinda looking forward to it. minus the occasional bridal shower/trip home/ nights out, april is definitely the calm after and before the storm-- MAY is wedding month! woo!! yay michele and eric!!

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