soy bean are bad for dogs?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

so this is part two to the asian dinner fiasco feast. an accouterment to the potsickers we had edamame (soy beans), which are SO yum. you can snack on these babies for hours. and they are good for you. well while we were at the table i fed molly a few. to our surprise both dogs really liked them.. we fed them a few and then joked, 'haha that would be funny if these were bad for dogs. im going to google it.' WELL turns out soy and soy beans are the number one allergy in dogs. SERIOUSLY?! so i panicked a little, then ran and checked out their food. soy is a inexpensive substitute in dog good, and luckily the poopers have had soy before and havent had any problems, so we were in the clear. if it isnt one thing, its the other! i can't even imagine having kids and getting them to finally eat a vegetable then finding out they are allergic. geez. 

in our quest to be better humans, CL and i have been going to church- and testing different ones. today was catholic day because im catholic. CL had never been to a catholic church, so we figured a 6pm thursday mass would ease him in, so we went to st. william catholic church in round rock. its the biggest catholic church in central texas, and they weren't lying. the cathedral sits a little over 1,700 people!! it only lasted 30 mins, which was perfect. it was beautiful, vaulted ceilings, and a mural of jesus with 8-pack abs, a tan and flowing blonde hair. we can all dream can't we??

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