Tuesday, October 26, 2010

so most of you know my fav tv show this season.. and last season.. is dancing with the stars. i love it- the music, the costumes, and well Maks is pretty damn cute.
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this season has been pretty random.. and tonight it was even more weird. i really don't know how they count the votes.. 
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the lowest scores were saved. the two best dancers were the last two standing. and one of my favs, audrina, went home. now, i know its not my fault, but i didn't vote last night, and im starting to think i could have saved them!! haha. i know, im crazy. and yes. i get that into the show.
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im hoping kyle and lacey make it to the finals. i just adore lacey. she's too cute. bristol palin has potential. jennifer grey gets on my nerves. i do not like brandy (jusk Maks). Kurt is a little stiff, and as handsome Rick Fox is, he's not the best dancer. plus he makes some strange faces.
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are you watching? who's your pick for the mirror ball trophy?

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