where did the weekend go? can someone find it?

Monday, October 18, 2010

i can't believe its monday already! this weekend flew by! it was jam packed with fun things to do, but i swear im blinking and its sunday night every weekend. ahh!

friday we laid low and cooked dinner at the house. who says you can't have gourmet in? saturday we slept in (which was good and bad) and headed to lake austin to board the river boat for my boss & her husband's baby shower! it was so much fun! the weather was perfect, there was beer & yummy mexican food, and delish cupcakes! best baby shower i've ever gone to! 

after the shower we headed over to 6th street to meet up with some friends at CLs friend Kirkland's loft to watch football. watching SEC football with SEC fans is a little intense! they all went to south carolina, so if you saw the score, you know the outcome wasn't too fun. my baylor bears won and thats all that matters! we are 5-2, which is awesome, AND one more win makes us bowl eligible! sic 'em!!

on the way home we stopped at my friend and old colleague's housewarming party. her house was so cute! i can only imagine what i would do with all the space she has!

sunday we decided it was time to take the dogs on a hike. they are usually a little mis-behaven and we were a little hesitant to take them along, but i was pleasantly surprised. we took them to mt. bonnell (which is the shortest hike, ever) and they seemed to enjoy it. there were tons of people which they felt the need to meet, but they did really well. next weekend on to bigger and better (and longer) hikes!

baylor homecoming is this weekend and i am so excited! its always good to go back to campus and see everyone! i can't wait!

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  1. Yay! Can't wait to see you this weekend!!!


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