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Monday, October 25, 2010

what a weekend.

as you all know from an earlier post, it was baylor homecoming! i was SO excited to get to waco on saturday! the weather was supposed to be bad, but i had high hopes!

we started off at the baylor alumni association picnic and grabbed some yummy (and free!) bbq before heading over to the georges tent. we met up with CLs friend from dell, and i got to see a lot of my friends from school. we met up with brittany and brandon (the newlyweds) and headed over to the game...

by the time we got there the game had already been delayed for lightning.. so we hung out and all of a sudden, DOWNPOUR! the weather in waco is known for being random but this was crazy. we were soaked. they were evacuating people out of the stadium into the concourse, and well it was FULL so we were stuck on the stairs walking up to get out. luckily we had raincoats, but of course, we were soaked from head to toe. they opened the weight room/gym at the stadium and we took shelter in there for about 45 mins with the band, and about 70 people. 

the weather subsided, and the game carried on.. and what a great game it was! it was, by far, the best football game i've ever seen baylor play! CL and I were so into the game- yelling and cheering we barely even noticed that we were soaking wet and freezing!

Baylor went on and beat kansas state to become bowl eligible for the 1st time in 16 years!! we are also currently #1 in the big 12 south, and we are now ranked #25 in BCS standings!! SIC 'EM!

when the game ended everyone rushed the field- CL and I included! it was such a great experience and im such a happy bear!! i cant wait to see where our bowl game is, cause i will definitely be there! after the game CL and I grabbed some teriyaki park (still tastes as good as it did when i was in school!) and headed back to austin!

sunday my mom was in town after her SMU reunion in dallas and we all spent the day together.. we had lunch at gloria's at the domain.. and let me tell you. they have the best, strongest happy hour margaritas. my brother and i were useless the rest of the day after ONE!! for real. we shopped for the rest of the afternoon before we all crashed on the couch watching football. we were seriously all exhausted! what a weekend!


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