merry christmas!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

hope you and yours had a fabulous holiday!
i know i did!

we started off the holidays with my best friend michelle's engagement party! it was a great kick off to my holiday season (they has a christmas party the week before that we didn't make it to!) and it was great to finally celebrate michelle & eddie's (mich-eddie.. pronounced like machete) engagement. the big day is quickly approaching (in april) and i can't wait!
because i was in town for a week (yes, i left cl in austin alone for almost a week!) i had time to catch up with friends and family! michelle, robin and i went bridesmaid dress shopping.. and we had a blast. some dresses were great, some, not so much! i also got to catch up with my cousin michele who i haven't really seen since her wedding last may! she's still glowing from the wedding, and her business 360 degrees of art is booming! i am so proud of her!
on christmas eve eve, dad, nic and I had our annual christmas dinner/ last minute shopping! we ate at mockingbird bistro in houston and it was delish! we then headed over to the galleria where we scooped up some last minute goodies!

christmas eve was pretty standard.. cook, mass, food, food, dessert, prosecco, then midnight service with cl's parents. before we left for the midnight service (which is actually at 11) CLand i opened presents from our best friends.. joe had sent CL some books, and carmen had sent me her junior league cookbook (um yum!!) and a necklace. i guess the holidays got the best of me this year, because when i opened the necklace, i lost it. full on crying and everything. and yes there are photos.

christmas was lovely and laid back. we had our annual christmas breakfast (its cinnamon bread with custard and blueberries-- SO good!) and lasagna for dinner. it was delish! i got a couple of awesome presents.. mainly jonathan adler goods! i was so excited! and a new pair of ray bans (finally!) and cl got me a beautiful pair of pearl and diamond earrings! we finished off christmas with dessert with CLs parents and their good friends.. it was a great way to end the a great day. and did i mention it was freezing cold out? cause it was cold!

cl are back home and everything is a mess.. i hate unpacking! he got a promotion/ new position that he started yesterday and i am so excited and proud of him! way to go babe!

we got rid of the christmas tree last night, and i couldn't be happier. usually i am sad to see the decorations go, but this year, the tree got the better of us.. allergies, drying out within days, and between the dogs and the drying out part, tree needles everywhere! ahh.

hope you all had a great holiday!
and plans for the new year? we have ours.. what are you up to?

(ps i have photos.. but they are on my laptop and im too lazy to upload them. so enjoy this photoless post and maybe later you'll get a wordless post!)

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