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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

i don't know where you are, but its cold out!

im suck indoors (willingly!) and decided instead of working in silence, to listen to a few tunes.. 

plain white t's -'rhythm of love'
they have the sweetest songs. they're romantic, cute, and you can actually understand all the words they are saying. hipsters in love.

pitbull featuring t-pain- 'hey baby (drop it to the floor)
listen to this song and try not to sing (oooh baby, baby, la la la la la la la) alllll day long.

ke$ha- 'we r who we r'
 go ahead, judge me. she may be fashionably (and hygienically) impaired, but don't lie. when your out and have had a drink or two and any of her music comes on, you dance like a 13 year old.

hall and oates- 'kiss on my list'
i blame this on 'she's out of my league'. CL and I watched this the other night (it's SO cute!) and the band covers this.. and i've been singing it ever since

 and for good measure
john mayer- 'half of my heart' 
not this song in particular, i have every album, lp, ep, what have you, he's ever put out. and all the live stuff too. we have quite the history. he just looks so damn sexy in this video. hot damn.

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