Monday, January 10, 2011

first, i just want to remind you all that every post, photo, thought on this blog is COPYWRITED, and belongs to me. If you want to borrow something, just let me know, and give me credit for it. 

okay, now that the housekeeping is done, moving on.

some things on my mind today:
  • i hate when people meddle in my business. odds are you DO NOT know everything going on, and when you act like you do, it just makes me mad. if i need your help, i'll ask.
  • its cold. i left to run some errands, and did not wear a coat. bad, bad idea.
  • i've got a plan, and im sticking to it. im not going to let anything get me down anymore.
  • my bff from san fran arrives in 4 days. WEEEEE!!! im so excited!
  • bridalplasty may be the worst show on tv.
  • my other bff gets MARRIED in 104 days.. i better get on that maid of honor diet and get those shower plans going!!
thats it for now.. how's your monday going?

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